Crystal ball time...who replaces Ken Miller in 2011?

So this is Ken's last year as HC, I'm not sure why I was thinking this, boredom I guess, but I thought let's make predictions now, before 2010 campaign begins, to pick our 2011 HC, and then check back with this thread beginning next season.

My biggest fear is that when we have another great year, it's going to be with Doug Berry as the OC, and that may raise the possibility of his consideration....possibly even being groomed for the spot now........If true, I hope we either see a different Berry than the 06-08 Berry, or that I am totally wrong in his name being considered.....

ill go with doug berry being your coach in 2011 with a tiny lil possibilty of bob dyce being promoted aswell.

Did Miller say this is his last year for sure for some reason i thought he was still open to coaching next year?

Yeah, I think it's pretty much a done deal, I'm trying to find sources, so far I found this which mentions it near the end of the article. I can't remember where I heard it, but he wants to focus all his attention on VP Football Operations.

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I honestly don't know why we're even remotely concerned at all about the 2011 season? we haven't even started the 2010 season!

what is wrong with this picture?

You having a bad day? Settle down, it's just a fun topic with not an ounce of seriousness while news is slow. Don't go getting the looms all bunched up.......

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Then don't.

cflisthebest, who do you think our starting QB will be in 2018?

I think it is at least 50/50 that Ken will be back as HC next year. He has repeatedly stated he will assess that after this year, and no decision is made.
If however, Ken does step down as HC in 2011, Doug Berry will likely get strong consideration for the job, and deservedly so. I think Etch would also get a look see, but I'd have Berry as the front runner.

You want my honest opinion on this?There's a man who's deserved to be a head coach for a looooonnnggg time but kept getting passed up.Who?The DC of the Tiger-Cats, none other than Greg Marshall.One of the best DC's in the league and NOBODY make's half time adjustment's like this guy.If a team is tearing up our D in the first half, chance's are that's not happening in the second half so you better come up with some new idea's.He made men out of boy's, warrior's out of men.I'd love this guy to be HC in Hamilton if people turn him down for long enough and MB move's on.

well in regards to marshall, there has to be a reason why he's been turned down that many times also. maybe the guys a good/decent defensive coordinator but maybe he just doesnt have what it takes to be a head coach. i dunno why he's been turned down so many times but theres a reason for it.

Not necessarily. A lot of it can be just wrong place....wrong time.

Richie Hall applied 8 times for a HC job before finally getting a shot in Edmonton.

I say Etch replaces Miller (if miller does focus on vp football ops) Etch as he has been with the Riders for a while... then we need a D coach... Im sure there will be one or two good / great coaches out there that we could snag... think outside the box people...

And to fictishiously answer our QB situation in 2018 - Dalton Bell... lol-- no reason... but it'd be very funny if i was right .. ( which im betting im not )

And 15_champ, i agree Greg Marsh is money in the second half

Well if the lead candidates were Berry and Etcheverry, remember please that both have had shots as head coaches and been found wanting. . . perhaps they are far better as coordinators than as head coaches. . .

Is it too early to derail the Jim Daley for HC train?

Doug Berry is a loose cannon, very close to being rabid when not held in check. If we had someone in the spotters booth that could pop him with a tranq. dart every time he was going ballistic, then maybe I'd give him another shot at HC

Jim Daley- 1998 at Taylor Field, wins the OT coin flip, but gives up the ball and the end in gale force conditions.......Why?....because our Defense was playing well................we lost ..............Pass on Jim.

Greg Marshall has my vote, he has both the smarts ant the disposition to be a great HC, can't understand why he is not, yet

:lol: :lol: :lol:

It's NEVER too early....

I'll get a crew out to start pulling the spikes from the tracks......


The train leaves at 2:00. So I'll tell Jim to be on the platform and ready to board at what, say, 4:15?

Since Daly has been HC once before.. they will not give it to him a 2nd time.

it's just trouble waiting in the wind if they even think about it.

He is not HC material, which he proved back during his first go around.

Kavis Reed... remember you heard it here first... :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

...... :lol: :lol: :lol: .... i'll add this...some guys quote from last year.....'Jim Daley shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a football team'...

I don't know who made me laugh more guys on Daley or that Hitler clip... :lol: :lol: :lol: