Crying or wishful thinking?


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And here I thought Whine country was in Saskatchewan!

i thought Danny was a dancer not a whiner…but my son if he seeks revenge…watch-out…he could have borrowed those ballet warm-up leggings from the leos and will have the esks. at their frolicking best…i still picked the stamps to do a number on them this weekend…carry on… :thup: :wink:

Is this a joke? Another attempt to act like Turkeybend?

ok i will bite :lol: the only whining will be done is from Calgary when they lose out in the playoffs again lol

Thanks dad and for an early xmas present i am cheering on the bombers.

Nope the only joke is A J Gass!

Dream on after this weekend your Riders could be starting their slide.

I have to admit, that "bite" of BGM was pretty