Cry me a River Joe...

Joe Montford Was CFL Snap Saying
He was Disappointed about not getting a call from Hamilton

Give me break He is
back in the CFL for 3 Days.
He already Bad Mouthing Hamilton ...
This why we did want you back Joe
Your Big Mouth!!!!

Joe Cry me River :cry:
Your over the Hill and Over Paid..
Retire before you lost all Credabilty

Long live Grover Covington
Who better then Joe ever was..

Cry me River Joe Cry me a River

Onknight you can cry me a river about telling Joe to cry you a river, think before you post man.(Tip from Espo :wink: )

Joe wanted to come to Hamilton to RETIRE A CAT!!! Joe is arguably one of the best if not THE best defensive end to play in the CFL not just the Ti-Cats!

Grover Covington (Praise Be His Name Too)

Please who is the CFL all time Sack Leader Not Joe.. Grover is ...

So there
Joe can't Even Clean Grover Jock
Untill He passes him..
That Will Never Happen..

Grover Covington Is Class Act
Joe is nothing but big mouth Joke..

could do no worse than we are right now. Do you always live in the pas!!! "bring back Don" "long live Grover Covington. Why not go further back and ask for Angelo Mosca why you are at it!!!

Being disappointed he didnt get a call from Hamilton is considered bad mouthing now.....?


Just one question, whay did Joe ever do to you?? I’m pretty sure you could use Joe’s jock as a nice house for your self.

Seconding the thank you for pointing out what should be fantastically obvious.

I am not allowed to dislike Someone.
Joe was Turncoat

He Left for Toronto and $$$$$$$$
We trade to get him back.
Costing Us Tony Miles .

The in last year of his deal
He's back Yapping to Press about not being Paid by the Ticats..

we Traded him
He Cries to press

He is Cut by Edmonton

we don't call him to come back to Hamilton

He Boo hoos to the press.

Until he Started Yapping to press I like the guy

I am just am Disappointed in him..
when joe Came to Ticats he was Simple Man who Don molded into great player..

Then it Went to his head..
That why I Dislike joe..

I am just am Disappointed in him..
oh cry me a river. Hes only been in the league again for three days and you are already bad mouthing him.

I am one (of many) that are very disappointed that Joe Montford was allowed to sign anywhere else but here. To this point our defensive rush has been inept from the line. Look at where we stand in QB Sacks. Tied for 8th spot, I believe. If you look at who has gotten the sacks, I think that out 3 QB sacks at least one is from the backfield.

If Joe is washed up as you and otheres have tried to point out then, that fact could have and should have been proven here. I doubt very much that he would have failed. If he did then he could have been cut and the hordes of us who wanted him back here would have had to swallow the fact that he couldn't operate at a high level anymore.

I am in full agreement with Joe that he should have expected a call from the Wussy Cats that sport another impressive perfect record. He offered to take a major paycut and now has resigned with Edmonton. I expect that his signing will come back and bite us in the arse when we play the Esks.

You lament the lost of Tony Miles but with the Baresi offence of the last few years chances are that he wouldn't have had the opportunity to do what he has done in Toronto and as I said once before with the current offense averaging just 6-7 yards per throw that means that our average reciever needs 142-166 completions this year just to break 1000 yards.

As for your complaining about his whining to the press now, he is fully justified in doing so when you see how toothless the Cats have been. Perhaps with a bit more age and wisdom you will learn that football has many facets to it. He wanted back, was willing to take a major pay cut, we have injuries that he could have helped cover and then once all are healthy they could have spelled the other DEs off to keep all three fresher for the 2nd half where we are getting blown out.

Or perhaps you are an armchair QB that has never been involved in competitive sports to realize that for a person to succeed at a high level (as Joe has done in this league) it is highly dependant upon heart, soul and desire. Had Hamilton come calling he would have given that heart and soul to the TigerCats.

My very disappointed 2 cents worth. Heck after tonight we will be 1/2 way to our perfect 1/2 season of last year.

Looking at my bottom line now, it looks like it may be time to check out what we came, we saw, we surrendered is :<(((

Joe would have been a bonus for our pass rush which at present doesn't exist,thus exposing our secondary to numerous completions. Sorry, but after tonights game we will be 0-4.

Funny......when people use this forum to express their thoughts and for the most part of this season thus far "disappointments" they feel they are entitled and have very knowledgable and valid points and facts.

When a player uses his outlet (the media) he is whining, arrogant, classless, unprofessional, etc.

Joe is a class act through and through just as he is a Ti-Cat through and through. One of the best and will see his name on the Wall of Fame one day. Yes he went to the Argos for money but who wouldn't. And yes he came back admitting his mistake. Left again to a class act organization that any player would want to play for as he saw the opportunity to win one more cup (which he did and realized there was no chance in the future to do so here). Now he asks to come back and finish off in the place that feels like home....a place where he not only gave his heart and soul on the field but off the field as well (ask any CFL player with class and understanding of this of the most important things is the Community work they do and the ties they make. Joe wanted to come back and be part of those ties and finish his great career. Pretty much pleaded with the Cats who ignore him (a team in need of his help). Disappointed....wouldn't you be????

Hey do you guys forget what #53 has done for The Ticats and this city eg: visiting sick kids in hospital! Hey wouldn't if you were Joe want to retire a Ticat :roll: He has lots of class and you sure don't :lol:

I think i missed something, Joe is has been back in the league for 3 days??? where is joe?

Edmonton again.


This is why some fans get the (apparently) false impression that the organization is not serious about winning. Didn’t they need Joe more than Joe needs them, what with the injuries and all? Isn’t this exactly why the Ticats didn’t shell out for “flashy tickets”? Seeing as those savings were “as much as a full CFL player’s annual salary,” the Cats coulda paid for Ruffin AND Joe, and still had enough money left to re-glaze the urinals or some other nice touch like that.