Cry babies

To all you people out there who threaten to not renew or who want to give back your season tickets,

quit your complaining, and just leave already. Tired of coming to the boards and reading all this crying and complaining, they will turn it around someday, if you cant support your tean through the bad times, then not much of a fan are we.

every week same crap.....boring

Hey I understand what your saying but you really cant blame the fans for saying there not renewing and there not going anymore because its there choice, and for supporting your team through the bad times well its been 4 years now you cant honestly blame them for getting upset at that. just because you like to watch this display of (edited- the Ref) football doesnt mean others do.

jason maas was crying during a tv interview today. It was on sportsnet and will be on CH-11 tonight, its pretty sad when your starting qb and supposed team leader is crying during an interview, maas is a gamer, but come on jason you can't be crying on TV.

Crying on tv giving the home crowd the finger. sorry but something tells me he has to go.

Crying? Crying?

There's no Crying in Football!!!!

He didn't look like he was crying to me... just really really frustrated.