Crush the Riders

Start by saying I am a Tigercats fan...I hope to see the Lions Crush those Rider pukes then head to Hogtown and whip whoever represents the East.... I don't see anyone being able to handle the lions this year....

Pinch their little heads until they POP

Riders Puke? That is your team. Austin wins 12. Taffe wins 3. Maybe 4. Whatever. Have a nice winter.

Good luck with Printers. Buono proved he can win with 3 other qbs. Austin proved he can win with Joseph. And with Tiger Cats who were losers in Hamilton. Now you go puke.

Picking first. Picking first again. Maybe you can win the draft.

Austin what are you talking about...Sober up before you post...The Lions are going to crush those Rider Pukes and break the hearts of the Riders Moronic fans...

???????????????????????? Austinpowers youre grooooovy man.

looks like someone is a little angry that their team stinks

my cure become a lions fan and u will be a happy man... a happy grooooooovy man

I was sober. I am sober.

Let me explain again.

Your team the Tigercats won 3.

The Riders won 12.

Only 1 team won more.

You come on here and put down Riders.

We are winning with players who were losers in Hamilton.

You have worst record again in the CFL.

We have new coach who may be coach of year.

You have new coach who may get fired.

We have new gm who makes good trades. Hires great coach.

You have new gm who makes bad trades. Gets fired before his coach. Maybe because of his coach.

You pick first in the draft again.

Maybe you will win the draft. You don't win football games.

Get it now?

well atleast zebo doesnt have 2 go threw the pain of watching his team get their asses kicked in back 2 back west finals!

Austin this thread is about the Lions smashing the Riders, Not about How the Cats did this year…The Riders are chokers especially that moron DJ Flick…He will be a no show in the western final…Bottom line the Lions win easy, then go on to win the Grey Cup…Oskee Wee Wee

Austin, I guess I don't get it. Are you a Rider's fan and if so, what are you doing with these kinds of posts in the Lion's forum?

If you want to talk about how great the Rider's are, which you are certainly welcome to do, please go to their forum.

Thanks ... The Dog

I am a Riders fan. I am a CFL fan. I do not hate the Lions. I respect them. Others should respect 12 wins. If BC wins over Riders I hope they win the cup. Not if Jimenez plays. Buono can show he is a man. Do the right thing. Bench the player for rest of season. The union does not run the Lions. Buono does. If Buono hides behinds the union he is not a man. He puts winning ahead of what is right. Buono is a great coach. I hope he does the right thing. If he does he will have Canadas respect.

Kent Austin is coaching this year. Not Danny Barett. The Lions may win. Great team. If you think it will be easy again. You will be scared Sunday. It will be close. Very close. The Riders beat you 1 time. Almost did 1 other time. Austin can coach. This is not last year. Win or lose you will see the difference on Sunday.

Wish I had the money to fly to BC.