*Crucial* - need a D-Line!

After watching this last game, it has become even more glaringly obvious that the big thing killing this team is (and always has been) the D-line.

I watched in complete frustration as the boys tried the same spin moves and stunts time after time after time. Zero success. Calvillo just stood there and looked completely relaxed and comfortable and made passes with zero concern of being smoked.

Give the DB's credit for the quick tackles and usually limited gains.... but this can't be allowed to continue any longer! Our D-line is the joke of the league. Anthony is simply too small for the job and is suited to a LB spot, not rush end. NML has been the biggest disappointment of all of them. Patrick and Adams have shown nothing of interest despite their size.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to put any new NFL cut in there to pick up the pace. Our LB's and DB's can only do so much. The team MUST get some heat from the front four or we will never be able to outscore our opposition. Just look at the scores for proof - Montreal scores 38 points, B.C. 40, Edmonton 38, B.C. again 35, Toronto 34, Winnipeg 37 and on and on! Meanwhile we are getting 44, 10, 23, 33, 31 and can only win ONE with those points?

Time for a shakeup. Move in one or two new guys and/or get a D-line coach that can actually come up with some schemes that actually may have a chance of working!

This sad excuse of a line has survived entirely too long!!! :thdn:

I agree that Anthony looks out of place at end.We need a Montford -type rush end who demands a double team.Right now there is no one on the DLine that would require a double team block by the opposition.We do have some youth that hopefully will get better but WE NEED A BEAST!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

Smog alert!

Anthony is not in the Defence as a straight up end. More of a Hybrid between a 3 - 4 and a 4 - 3. The line should be criticized but Obie has secured the secondary and the linebacking core. At least now he can focus on the D-Line for next year. It would help if he could find a Wake or Hunt like he did for BC.

Give Obie some time (more than just one off season) to find players at every position.

Canada was supposed to fill the rush end opening, Perhaps they should Spread out farther on the ends,and blitz the mlb to get more contain and pressure. IMHO this is not all the players fault, but coaching system or lack of it, RE Taaffe !

I entirely agree with this thread. The D line has been porous all season, including when we manage to win a game. Hopefully, Obie can come up with better linemen for next season because these guys (players and coaches) aren't cutting it.

If Bellefeuille is kept on as head coach, I think he'll make changes in his coaching staff. Our special teams are also inconsistent.

I heard (but can't remember where) that the d-line was INTENTIONALLY taking it easy on A.C. They were concentrating on containing him, NOT trying to flush him out of the pocket (which is where he is the most dangerous). We had blanket coverage on the deep routes, and gave him the short routes (and allowed very few YAC). If so, it was a good game plan. If not, then I'm worried...

I hear/read the same thing Sig... unsure where as well..

It was in another thread, someone started it and I continued - my point was (and is) that the Ticats played Creehan's defense against the Als very well. We have a reasonably good linebacking and DBs who can play zone and not give up the long balls that are dangerous if you blitz. Also since Calvillo was getting his passes off in 1 to 1.5 seconds, even if we had an all all-star DL, we would have had trouble keeping him under constant pressure. Therefore a lot of short drop zones, occasional blitzes and stunts to keep him honest. Also makes for very long drives, a lot of plays - the more plays involved, sooner there is a turnover or costly penalty.
Goes back to the '54 -'55 -'56 Grey Cups - Montreal had Sam Etcheverry throwing to Hal Patterson, Red O'Quinn, etc. Etcheverry picked up incredible passing totals, but Esks beat the Als all 3 GC games by dropping off and allowing short passes, with very little YAC.

Is Sasha Lancaster playing this week ??