Tom Wright was on the Fan 590/Sportsnet and discussed the crucial two day meetings next week in Pheonix. Many topics will be on the agenda and with the salary management system right on the top. Bob McCown and cohost Steven Brunt asked whether there will be enough to carry the votes toward the implimentation of the system, ie salary cap. When pressed by the hosts, TW agreed there are 3 naysayers, Braley, Wettenhall and Young. But, six votes are needed and it would appear that Edmonton is currently on the fence and Hughey Campbell will no doubt be the swing vote..
TW the usual class person advised he has worked diligently for a long time to establish a system that is needed for competative balanceand which will work to include player and coaches salaries and will deal with a possible increase in the roster. He would not comment when Bob indicated how the outcome will have a definite and very important future repercussions for the league(and no doubt TW).
Other issues, but not discussed at length on the show, will be expansion and video replay.

Big unrelated Question, Why Pheonix? :? :oops: :evil: :twisted: :mrgreen:

otherwise, That's good news, I hope that the "expanded roster" means including QBs in the import ratio like that pension by a fellow posters a while back. 8)

This time of year I can't blame the league for going south. I also agree an expanded roster to let's say 45 players is necessary. With this size, you can reduce the taxi squad to 3 from 5. How about mandating that the third QB or holding the clipboard must be a Canadian? As for the salary cap, how about an overall limit of $5M. Covering all players and coaches.

They picked Pheonix just to screw with you

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Nah, I was thinking like:

"39 full time positions on every team made up of 19 Canadian players, 17 non-Canadians, plus 3 quarterbacks." That's how it is now.

40 positions
19 Canadian players
17 non
2 Canadian QBs
2 non

another poster recommended 42 positions.

If there is a salary cap implemented I doubt that it would be $5 million. And if Hugh Cambell is indeed the "swing-vote" I don't see a cap happening.

if there isnt a salery cap, at the end of this meeting...tom wright is done as commish.

I would agree drumming about this. Now personally I have no idea if this is absolutely necessary (and we all heard about how the NHLPA said it wasn't necessary) but I think that it would give the perception of cost containment and present a better image of the league. Without this, I fear that it will give the community owned teams a bargaining chip to shout in the media that they can't go after the free agents and compete on a level playing field which will be disastrous for PR for the league especially when the NFL is a model whereby a small market team like Green Bay can compete with the the huge markets although the great tv deals the NFL has are another reason undoubedtly.
Therefore there will be a salary cap I'm sure of it or else goodbye TW.

I'm joking jm02, you know, hahaha. It is a little disquieting that they picked Phoenix, but whatever, not a big deal, but I would have picked a city like Orlando.

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Still no word out of Phoenix in what is expected to be an extremely crucial vote on the salary cap. Four teams are in favour of the proposal at $3.8M, while two are undecided, Edmonton and if you can believe Ottawa. The latter want a cap but not until 07. Meanwhile, it is expected the richest team in the league by far being Edmonton and Hugh Campbell will decide the issue. Montreal and BC are dead against it and it appears this is more so a vote against TW then the cap. In any event, if implemented then TW in all likelihood will be signed to a long term deal. If not, lame duck for 06. One of the good things they will also vote on will be increasing the roster to either 42 or 43.