Crowton fired in the Peg

.....Finally the inevitable has happened...Bombers fired Gary Crowton today and Marcel Bellefeuille will take over as offensive co-ordinator....Should have happened awhile ago BUT at least the new management has recognized a problem and dealt with it quickly... :thup:

I think the real problem is Burke being a puppet

. . . and if they lose the next two games, I wouldn't be surprised to see Burke following Crowton out the door.

Personally, I'd ask him to accept a demotion back to defensive coordinator. He's been a good DC during his career, but he is to me not head coaching material. No shame in that, many good DCs have failed as head coaches (Richie Hall, Garry Etcheverry, Greg Marshall).

Be interesting to see if new staff can bring a better result from the players or if it is a general organization wide problem and they will have to bring in "talent" during the offseason to right the ship. On the plus side, with the play of winnipeg this year, they probably don't have to worry too much about the expansion draft! :wink:


Damn, how did you figure it out ? That's been the Bombers secret plan. Ottawa isn't even going to look at us. Then, wait till next year ! :lol:

....There's still a lot of talent on this team BUT when you fail to utilize it properly, you get the kind of results we've seen. :wink:

And the body count continues to rise in the 2013 Tsunami known as BAD far it has claimed...1 C.E.O,1 G.M,1 O.C. and 1 H.C. on life support,also 3 Q.B.'s are still missing in the rubble that has been left behind.Film and more footage at eleven....This has been a BULLETIN from the B.B. Television network!!!!!!

Inevitable with how the offense has played all year. Hopefully Miller can make the changes needed to right the ship.

I didn't say there wasn't any talent on the team, just wondering if the new era in the office could start using it, or if the players are "too far gone" at this point as well. Has "everyone" written off this season? If so, then they will probably need to do some housekeeping in the offseason.


Gearing up for a second half run now :lol:

Yup. And it's usually a little coolish in Antarctica. :smiley:

It was apparent by the end of last season that this team didnt have it. The board and upper management have nobody to blame but themselves for the decisions they didnt make during the last offseason.

I have a "gift" for understatement! :wink:


With the Esks about to go 1-6 & the Als at 2-5 with Calvillo out with a concussion, we still have hope of making the playoffs.

As long as there is hope in Bomberland, people will continue to attend games and cheer for their team. Luckily for us, we're not alone in the basement and we're in an 8-team league where 6 teams make the playoffs. With some decent quarterbacking and some luck in November, we could make it back to the Grey Cup again (& be crushed by the Western representative again).

Wow, didn't see this one coming since the first day Crowton was hired. Congratulations to the Bombers for finally realizing Crowton is a complete disaster. Unfortunately, it took them nearly a year and a half to finally come to that conclusion - - when it should have been obvious long ago.

Where are all the Bomber apologists who kept insisting Crowton would be a good OC and telling me how wrong I was to label the guy as a career failure the day he was hired?

Well, Area 51, I expect that you'll hear them admitting you were right about Crowton all along about as fast as you'd be in the forum admitting to having been wrong about something else.

In other words, don't hold your breath.

The Bummers can't put together 3 good QUARTERS of football, never mind 3 GAMES to win the Grey Cup!

[Conspiracy]So was it perhaps Marcel that ordered the team to play Max Hall, knowing that it would likely give them the worst chance to win and a reason to axe Crowton right away so he could take over?[/conspiracy]

If I'm ever as wrong about something as the Bomber apologists were about Crowton, please let me know and I'll be the first one to acknowledge such a horrible take.

As conspiracy theories go, that's not bad. ..

But, do you think Marcel really wants to take over this train wreck? If I'm him I wouldn't, but then if I was him I wouldn't have taken the 'consultant' job in the first place.