Crown stays charges against Keith

TSN is reporting that the crown stayed the charges against Keith. Apparently this happened last Friday. I wonder what the reason was, no enough evidence to support the charge or just to much hassle to go threw with it.

I hope it is the evidence issue myself, but I suspect we will never know. It is surprising it hasn't been a bigger story here or on the web.

I wonder mike if Kenton and the bouncer reached some sort of agreement out of court, so the charges could be stayed.

It was in the paper on the front page, I have to admit I found it interesting nobody else posted it sooner...

[b]Lang[/b][lead prosecutor] [b]contended the charge shouldn't have even made it past the preliminary hearing stage[/b], but he suggested the judge erred on the side of caution.

He said the defence hired its own private investigators and shared the information with the Crown after the preliminary hearing.

"The charge just couldn't be supported," he said. "It was overwhelming, the evidence in support of Kenton."

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So much for all the eyewitnesses and guarantees he was guilty.

So the final tally in the 7 years of Roy and DB is one player convicted of anything, and that was primarily a social issue.

I can't believe the lead prosecutor would come out and say that. That is saying, well we only went to court because he was a rider. If the prosecutor doesn't think he has a case he can win he shouldn't be taking it to preliminary hearing.

Actually Im happy he said what he said.

I agree it is good that he said it in terms of clearing the air on Kenton.

But I can't believe he would say he didn't think he could win. That to me is incredible, that is almost saying we will prosecute anyone even if we don't have enough evidence.

Yeah, a prosecuter saying that is pretty funny/stupid lol… Mostly stupid.