Crowd Numbers on Saturday

I know that it's difficult to estimate, and I also know that the 'Cats announce the number of tickets sold/given away, but the 26,500 announced fans sure looked like a lot fewer 26,500 fans then I've seen at other times (if that makes any sense).

Well the weather wasnt the best...walk up probably wasnt what it is usually. But I would think the number was about right...thats 3000 missing people (roughly).

there wassnt that many people there. there were empty seats all over the place

Down 34-3 at the half has a tendancy to do that

no right when the game started it wassnt that full. at half time there was maby half that lol

That was the largest exodus of fans at half time that I've ever witnessed at Ivor Wynne Stadium....and you certainly can't blame anybody for leaving.

...far less people in the stands Saturday night.

gaps in the crowd everywhere,
the weather isn't to blame.

the lustre of cheering for garbage is gone.

good luck with those renewals next spring!!!

By quarter or overall!