Crowd for the Eastern Final

Looks like good crowd for West Final. What sort of attendance is expected for East Final?
Can't seem to find any predictions coming out of Mtl. L Smith is being coy. Must not be that good.
Anyone think the break even point (32 - 33k, as reported by Gazette on Tues) will be reached?

As of today, 30 000 is the reported number.


when will the Als learn not to lay eggs during thier 'fan appreciation games' at the BIG O? really kills thier playoff games.

It’s also the dynamics of the big O. It’s a really bad venue and unless your team is dominant and you go there expecting a big win, there’s no guarantee the average fan will show up.

they had 45,000 for that game against the eskies, and 50,000 last year against the argos…

and both times they blew chunks and scared away potential buyers of playoff tickets.

i pick u guys ! u better win against TO 8)

For the record, the attendance at the east final was 35,607 which is decent but sadly only barely more than a Calgary Stampeders regular season game at McMahon!

Yea pretty sad Montreal. Whats wrong with you guys? We got 50,084!!!

Could the novelty of so many playoff games at the big Owe be wearing a little thin?

BC Place looks to me as if the fans are much closer to the action than the Big O.

I don’t know how much were the tickets in BC, but for the playoff game in Montreal, sitting at the goal line, about 200 feet away from the field cost 75$.

I believe it was 150$ for the good seats (not that there are any real good seats in the Big O, but… say the least worst).

So that explains alot why people go the the Fan Appreciation Day game at the Big O (where ticket prices are still decent), while you must really want to see the game to go when its playoff time.

My guess was the BC Place tickets were much cheaper. Tickets are always cheap in the West. At least, they were when I went to McMahon and Commonwealth stadiums.

Wow! That’s a little much.

With huge stadiums like the Big O, B.C. Place, et al there should be an abundacne of cheap tickets, especially for those of us who want to bring our kids thereby creating the next generation of CFL fans.

The tickets would be cheaper if they have more seats for the reg season. Even with the prices that high they needed something like 32-34,000 to break even for the season