Every year I have to hear some commentator talk about the western team crossing over.
Pretty likely scenerio this year, and we’ll probably play that team this year.

But just once, after all of these years, it would be nice to have an eastern team cross over to the west. (Odds are much lower, I get it)

…now I am dreaming…

If it was us, we would play Esks in the semi-final and beat those guys, cause we own commonwealth, or Masoli does, anyway.

Next up Stamps, we crush BLM in Calgary in the final, watch Dickinson with his pouty face.

Then we play the Argos at BMO and embrassing Rick Ray into tetirement by beating them in the Grey Cup; sending Tressman back to Chicago or wherever he came from.

Our Grey Cup Parade starts at BMO and ends at THF…us fans running around the field as we did as kids.

…okay my dream is over, but I would like these crossovers to stop.

Nevermind the Ticats needing to wake up. 150GAGE needs to wake up. ;D

Do the crossover rules apply to an Eastern team, or is it just a way of evening out the 5 team versus the four team difference?

Yes BUT the odds of 3 teams in the West finishing with a worse record than the 4th place East team is extremely unlikely. Highly unlikely we will ever see an East team cross until at least Halifax joins the league.

Hey, why do I need to wake up, in my dream the cats win the grey cup.

My wish is to witness the Cats winning the cup, live. 2013 and 2014 didnt go so well.
Maybe this year. ???

With the Lions win over Toronto last night, a crossover this season will now be guaranteed if Edmonton beats Saskatchewan on Monday. Even if Montreal managed a shocking win over the Stampeders, earlier in the day, a win by the Eskimos would officially eliminate both the Als and the Argos and ensure the TiCats get a home playoff game. A home playoff for Ottawa was already confirmed with Toronto’s loss this week.

Dumb question of the day- if I remember correctly, season ticket holders already have their seat for a playoff game at THF?

Let me correct myself.
What I wrote regarding the Alouettes being eliminated and, also, ensuring the TiCats a home playoff game would not be guaranteed truths, if Montreal did win their game against Calgary. In that case, Montreal could still finish ahead of Hamilton if they won all of their 3 remaining games, while the TiCats lost all 4 of theirs, including the season finale against Montreal, which the Als would have to win by 40, or more, points. (They say "anything can happen" in the CFL.)

I'm correct though, on Ottawa already being guaranteed a home playoff game and Toronto being officially eliminated, from the playoffs, if Edmonton beats Saskatchewan, which would also guarantee a crossover.

Actually this is not correct. Toronto is already eliminated from the playoffs, and a crossover is already guaranteed. The most wins Toronto can finish with is seven, the same number both BC and Edmonton already have. And those two teams will play each other again so there will either be at least eight wins for one of them, or seven wins plus a tie for both of them. So Toronto cannot catch both in the standings, which it would need to do to make the playoffs.

Yes, they do.

Thanks Crash.

I agree pw13. The standings I was looking at did not include WPG’s win in OTT, which put them at 16 pts., unmatchable for TOR who can finish with no more than 14 pts. EDM and BC, each, now have 14 pts. and, at least, one of those two will finish with more than 14 pts. as they’ll play against eachother once more.

So, the BC win over TOR, the way I now see it, did officially eliminate TOR and guaranteed a Western crossover as MTL, also, can’t finish with more than 14 pts.

So speaking of West and crossover. The team that scares me and should scare the rest of West and East is Sask… if they can get a receiver or two to actually catch a ball once in a while. Zack threw a few lasers other game only to have them dropped or have it hit receiver in helmet or just fumble it around. D-fence is probably the best in league right now. Thank goodness they won’t be the crossover team. We Can only meet them in GC game.

Just wondering who would be the preferred West Division team, we would like to play.

Riders are unlikely to cross over.

We may play the crossover team in the first round…or there is a possibility we may play them in the second.

The team I like to beat the most is Winnipeg…that was one of the first mic’d up games this year and to hear O’shame cussing and swearing as his team was going in flames, was as sweet as winning.

Of course, sending Wally into retirement from our field would be sweet as well…he has beaten us so many times since 2000.

The preferred team is Edmonton as we match up well against them.

Looked like Zach needed laser eye surgery this past weekend.

Yes. And if the crossover rule had always existed, the only year that an Eastern team would have crossed over was 1973. The 7-7 Ticats would have replaced the 5-9-2 Lions and played in Saskatchewan. Despite this being the last year where the eastern conference played 2 less games than the west.

With Edmonton being knocked out last night. It leaves us with Winnipeg or BC that will be visiting us.
They have both beaten Calgary, (too bad we couldnt play Calgary about now - get that monkey off our back), both have starting Qbs back, both on winning streaks of 4 and 3 games respectively; both have a better coach.
Who do we prefer?
I would say BC, but not with a lot of confidence -unlike a few weeks ago.

I'm not confident against either one right now. But that could change I guess. If I had to pick one it would be BC. Winnipeg is dangerous. If I had to pick one team to win the West today it would be them.

I’m with you, I don’t see us beating either of them.

We’ll get a better idea today when we see how they play, but unless 3 guys in the receiving corps pick up their game big time, we’re in for a quick exit out of the playoffs.

Can’t even solve OTT. Everything else seems irrelevant.