With BC beating OTT last night it virtually assures of a West team crossover to the East Semi-Final.
One of HAM,TOR or MTL will be eliminated from playing in the East Semi-Final.
MTL plays SSK on Mon., if MTL wins we will all have the same record(6-8), if they lose they will be in trouble
The reality is that every game is now a playoff game for the East teams.

Agreed, the Cat players need to wake up and play every remaining game as it's their last. Hamilton has watched too many leads dwindle away this year only to get beat in the final minute of the game.

The offence finally responded positively with some points and TD's against Toronto but this has to happen in every game not just rely on Defence and Special Teams, they do their job and keep the game close now the offences has to finish drives and win games.

The next game against Ottawa will be critical for the race in the East, Redblacks are in a great spot to play spoiler with a win, so Hamilton must be on top of it's game.


With Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal all having 8 losses a piece and a combined 4 remaining games versus one another (MTL plays TOR twice, HAM plays MTL once, HAM play TOR once) that means at least 4 more combined losses. If these 3 teams win all their games versus other teams (SSK, OTT) they will have a combined 28 losses. This means best case (as far as crossover is concerned) is that 2 teams end 9-9 and one ends 8-10. BC is currently 8-7 the only possible way that they (or another West team if BC catches someone to finish top 3 in the West) don't crossover is by going 0-3 the rest of the way. BC is at WPG, at EDM, home to CGY to wrap up the season. It would take pretty much a perfect storm for a West team not to crossover to the East.

Now we have to consider this a 3 team race for 2 spots and win enough to get it done!

Keep in mind as well that if Mtl defeats Sask tomorrow,that not only is there a three way tie,but the two losses by the Cats against Mtl and Tor could very well come back to bite them in the butt in the end. We play Toronto again in two weeks and another gift wrapped win by us to them and there goes the season series. We play the Al's the last game of the season here,but not only will we have to win that game,but if we don't win by at least 8 points then the Al's will have us on point differential due to the fact of it being a two game series this season and the Cats gift wrapping a 38-31 win to the Al's in that earlier game at Mtl. In other words if all three teams wind up tied in the standings at the end,the Cats have put themselves in the situation of possibly being the odd team out due to two brutal collapses in games they had NO business losing. As Grover already stated it now looks like the crossover is imminent and that only two teams from the East will qualify. I would hate to think that the Cats due to their own stupidity would be that team,but in reality it could very well happen.I'm thinking that the team will need another 4 game win streak to close out the season,because they have now left themselves absolutely no wiggle room,and they have nobody but themselves to blame for the situation they are currently in.

Remaining Schedule East (Ham/Tor/Mtl)

Sask @ Mtl
Ott @ Ham
Mtl @ Tor
Mtl @ Ott
Ham @ Tor
Ham @ Ott
Tor @ Mtl
Ott @ Tor
Mtl @ Ham

I want the Ti-Cats to win all 4 and end up in first place.

But I think the Cats are guaranteed a playoff place if they win 3 of 4.

Suppose the Cats win 3 of 4 but lose to Toronto. In this case, if Toronto wins at least one of its two remaining games against Montreal, then the best the Als can be is 8 and 10 and they are out. If Toronto has lost both its remaining games against Montreal, then the best the Argos can be is 8 and 10 and they are out.

Suppose the Cats win 3 of 4 but lose to Montreal. In this case, if Montreal wins at least one of its two remaining games against Toronto, then the best the Argos can be is 8 and 10 and they are out. If Montreal has lost both of its remaining games against Toronto, then the best the Als can be is 8 and 10 and they are out.

Suppose the Cats win 3 of 4 with the loss one of the games with Ottawa. In this case if Montreal wins both against Toronto, Toronto is out and if Montreal loses both against Toronto, Montreal is out. If Montreal and Toronto split, then the best case for Toronto and Montreal is that Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal all end up at 9 and 9. Montreal already lost once to Toronto so in the 8 games among the three, Montreal will have 2 wins, Toronto 3 and Hamilton 3. Montreal will be out.

This is why it is imperative for us to come out, in force for our remaining games, be they at THF, the Rogers Center or TD Place. Give our boys the edge.

Remaining games,the perfect storm scenario,no crossover in effect,essentially it will have to go like this to finish out this way
Hamilton(6-8)remaining games:Ottawa(w-7-8),@ Toronto(w-8-8),@ Ottawa(w-9-8),Montreal(w-10-8)
Toronto(6-8) remaining games:Montreal(w-7-8),Hamilton(l-7-9),@ Montreal(l-7-10),Ottawa(w-8-10)
Montreal(5-8)remaining games:Saskatchewan(w-6-8),@ Toronto(l-6-9),@ Ottawa(w-7-9),Toronto(w-8-9),@ Hamilton(l-8-10)
B.C (8-7) remaining games:@Wnp(l-8-8),@ Edmonton(l-8-9),Calgary(l-8-10)The Lions basically clinch with just one more victory

Projected Finish needed for no crossover scenario this season,with Cats finishing 1rst in East.(2 wins needed over Tor/Mtl)

Hamilton…10-8-0-20 (final 4 gms…(4W/0L)(1RST )
Toronto…8-10-0-16(final 4 gms…(2W/2L)(2ND)
Montreal…8-10-0-16(final 5 gms…(3W/2L)(3RD)
B.Columbia…8-10-0-16(final 3 gms…(0W/3L)(Miss Play-offs)

After watching the last few games and the inability of the Ticats to finish off drives, the Argos looking good, the Als not looking good, and a desperate Ottawa team:

Tor - 10 - 8
Ham - 6- 12
Mtl - 5 -13
Ott - 5 - 13

BC will crossover and play in Hamilton

Today's game in Montreal is big but if you look at the 3 teams, Toronto is in the driver's seat. They own the tie-breaker against both Hamilton and Montreal and when you factor that these 3 teams are 4-17 on the road, Toronto's schedule gives them another edge. Teams will need to go 3-1 to win the division and at least 2-2 for the second and last remaining seed.

Toronto doesnt own the tie breaker against Hamilton, still one game left, and Montreal 2 games left !?!?!?,
Hamitons schedule looks pretty good, Ottawa twice, Hamilton controls their own destiny :rockin:

Impossible... HAM is 6-8 and MTL is 5-8 right now. They play one another Nov 8th; they can't both lose that one.

What happens if there is a three way tie at the end of the season, with each of the three teams owning one of the tie-breakers?

:| you be trollin?