.......with Ottawa failing as miserably as they are right now the possibility of a western-to-eastern crossover is looking all that more certain.....looks like the Riders and the Stamps might BOTH make the playoffs, eh?.......just have to keep those never-say-die pesky BBs out of the equation.......

The Bombers are long shots, but it is a possibility.

How long will Ottawa's tail spin continue?

Ottawa game should be good...I'm hoping. We played like crap against them earlier in the season..and now we have our backup going in against them tomorrow. I still think they'll get the job done. Our defense just has to stop biting on those playactions against them.

The Ottawa Tailspin continues....There will be a cross over. Riders? Maybe...god forbid...Edmonton.

How would the Eastern Media like Edmonton representing the East?

Don't want to jump the gun but I would bet there will be a crossover from the west to the east. Questions is will it be Esks, Riders or Stamps?

I am hoping Edmonton crosses so we can see an all-western GC.