.......with Ottawa failing as miserably as they are right now the possibility of a western-to-eastern crossover is looking all that more certain.....looks like the Riders and the Stamps might BOTH make the playoffs, eh?.......just have to keep those never-say-die pesky BBs out of the equation.......

I said that a few weeks ago. There is no way that the Riders should have lost to Ottawa twice. They are not a good team. They got lucky against Montreal beating them right at the end, and injuries or not the Riders should have taken both games. They got destroyed by B.C. and they got a good whopping put on them by Winnipeg yesterday, they were at the top because the Riders put them there.

The crossover is and was guaranteed. I already had a topic asking which team would make it between Calgary or Winnipeg but you guys laughed me out saying Ottawa will be 11-7 or whatever and that there is no chance for crossover. I already gave up discussing this issue.

Not to dig up an old war wound…but were you not the one claiming Nealon would be taking us to the Cup??.. Sorry you lost all credibility for me after that one.

I want the Riders going to the playoffs the Old fashioned way…THEY EARN IT !!

ya it definatly looks like someone will crossover if the East dosn’t shape up quick. But i don’t want to settle for crossing over if we can get a home playoff game this year…

How do you guys come up with that ?
If the season were over today there would be no crossover.

??? Als have 10 points…Ottawa has 10 points Riders & Calgary have 12.

.am I missing something here ro?

Yes I am and still claim that. Greene forever.

Fair enough... doesnt mean I agree with you... but you are entitled to your own opinion

One thing we should all agree on is that the crossover is guaranteed. Come on guys, where’s your western spirit?

the cross over is more then possible for te riders eskimoes and bombers believe it or not. the west once again has dominated the leauge

I really can't see Ottawa keeping pace with the Riders and the Stamps, so I'm fairly certain there will be a crossover. If we look at it a bit more, if the riders, stamps and lions win this weekend, there would be a three-way tie for 2nd place. I assume the stamps would be in second, as they currently hold the tie-breaker against both the riders and esks, and also, as the riders hold the tie-breaker against the esks right now, they could theoretically go from second to fourth this weekend.

How cool would that be???????????? :slight_smile:

Especially since for this to all work, the riders would have to beat TO, which would give all four (SK, EE, CS, TO) 7 wins on the season.

Then again, this is all moot and a waste of typing if the riders lose. Hope not!

I think edmonton will be the ones to crossover and sask and calgary will play in semi final

Call us crazy but we can dream right? Sask/Calgary semifinal all the way. When was the last Calgary/Sask playoff game anyways? And with the Burris situation the ratings would be HUGE.