Does the crossover rule still exist? The East is so brutal this year it seems entirely plausable that all four teams in the West could make the playoffs, if it does.

(If it doesn’t exist, it looks like a slugfest between Montreal and Hamilton to see who can be slightly less awful.)

Yes, the crossover still exists

It doesn’t make much sense to make such bold predictions about who will end up where at the end of the season based on the first week in the schedule.

Wouldn't be a stretch to think a Western team will crossover to the East. I'm cheering for the success of all Eastern teams, mostly Hamilton because I know how important it is for them to keep their solid fanbase.

That being said, the East does not match up very well with the West, and it has not for a while. Every team in the West looks like a threat, but I don't think the same can be said for the East.

don't be so sure the west is utter in its dominance:
-the Leos Argos game was damn close and if Bishop would've played the entire game, i think it would've gone the other way
-the Stamps were not tested AT ALL vs. the Ti-Cats
-the Eskimos defense suc ks as s
-ditto for the 'Riders offense

You can say that for every game. You can say had the Lions not fumbled twice and fucked up on a FG coverage the game would have been a blowout. Ditto for the other games. Besides, I am not basing it on one week, take a look at the last handful of seasons (even with Ottawa in the mix) and you tell me who the stronger division is.

what you speak of are mistakes made by the players; Bishop's absence from most of the game was Pinball's fault
if BC was playing Toronto this week, now that they know who the best QB is in TO, the Argos would win... and u know that

We’ve played against Bishop before, many times. Look up the results and come back to me.

Don’t care who we play, which team or which QB, we can and will beat anybody.

don't be a dumbass: Bishop is a better QB than he was years ago
he's better than Allan now, and Allan was able to keep the Argos in the game, hence, Bishop would likely have propelled them to victory
this is a tiresome arguement and we both know i'm right: the Argos would have won last week if Bishop had started

I guess that means 18 - 0 this year and 2 - 0 in the playoffs?

It is much to early to really assess a lot of this after most teams have only played one game

I'll take 13-5 and a Grey Cup like last year.

How old are we? I'm guessing you're 10 years old at the most. "We both know i'm right"? We played Bishop last year and demolished him like we always have. If he's so much better than last year I haven't seen it. I look forward to him having the best QB rating in the league the way you talk about him. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Lions played awful last week and won. Don't care who played and who didn't. Run your mouth all you want but you'll be crying by the time the Lions are done with you.

You are a cocky little shi t. You saw Bishop play better than he did last year just last week. I AM correct that Toronto would've won last week w/ Bishop starting. I never said he is the best QB in the league, only that he is better than Allan and good enough to have beaten the Lions last week. Somehow you think that a 2 point win is a blowout, a proclaimation of the Lions' glorious infallibility. And last time i checked, 10-year-olds were ignorant little fools, an assessment far more apt of someone with an inflated view of their team and a distorted one of reality.

All I can say is, will you bring it here on the forums after your team loses tonight? I'll be at BC Place so wait for me to get home so you can eat crow.

that's right, cower behind tonight's game, which has NOTHING to do with this arguemnt, instead of debating with your inferior position.

…this is why I don’t teach kindergarten…

I don't debate history. The Lions beat the Argos by 2. Would the Argos have won if Bishop played the whole game? Maybe, maybe not. To say that we both know you are right is not worth responding to. I don't like arguing with brick walls.

Bishop was superior to Allan last week. It is simple logic to extrapolate his performance over the whole game and infer that the Argos would have scored at least a few more points, pushing them to victory.

Hindsight is 20/20 my friend. What if the Lions didn't trade Pikula? Would he have played and missed that FG that gave Levingston the touchdown? What if Dickenson was pulled for Pierce? What if is a stupid argument. I am sure you are an intelligent guy but you don't come off that way on the forums. If it is simple logic that Bishop would have won the game, I'm sure Pinball would have put him in sooner. But of course I trust your knowledge of Bishop more than Pinballs.