crossover teams

So I may have this mixed up a bit...trying my best to remember, but I believe it went:
1997 Lions crossed and lost
2003 Lions crossed and lost
2004 Riders crossed and lost
2005 Riders crossed and lost
2009 Lions crossed and WON

in the 15th year of the crossover being introduced there has never been a crossover to the West right? I couldn't recall for sure.

There was no crossover in 2004. The Riders played the Esks and the Ticats played the Argos in the semi-finals that season.

And in 2008, the Esks crossed over and beat the Bombers in the semi-final before losing to Montreal in the East final.

I don't recall any others so that would mean there were crossovers in 1997, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2009.

So far there has been no Eastern team crossover to the West.

ahh, thanks...i was just going from recollection.

Can't forget 1986 - it wasn't the crossover as we know it now. That year, 4 Western teams played a 1 vs 4; 2 vs 3 semi final while the East played a two game total points series.

and then there was 1995 - the Blue Bombers played in the North during the regular season, then played in the South in the playoffs. Seems about right for Winnipeg; 1994 - East; 1995 - North-South; 1996 - West.

A sad day, but well won for the Esks.

Didn’t the Riders crossover sometime in the early 2000’s and lost to Montreal? Unless I’m not remembering correctly

Just went through the schedule, the Riders Crossed over in 2005 and lost to montreal. and we also crossed over in 2002 to play the Argos

I can always count on Blue Blood to dig up research. :thup:

I can always count on Blue Blood to dig up research. :thup:
Thanks but I missed 2002 which Saskfan23 found.

dont think there will be one in 2011 either.

the cross over teams needs more wins than the 3rd placed team.. i know bc only has 2 wins, as does toronto but..i dont think bc is as bad as their record. toronto.. i dunno. their offense wont win games for them, they are a team built around their d and sp teams and they havent done much.


toronto and sask both miss the playoffs.

bc/toronto, guess we will find out over the next two weeks.

well, a west team crossing is a long shot...they gotta get ahead of, at this point, Hamilton, not Toronto.
BC is technically ahead of Toronto for an East into West cross at this point as they are tied.
Lets say the Argos and Lions split this home and away, and the Riders pull a miracle out of their butts and split with the Bombers, who do Lions fans cheer for in the Rider / Argo game? These 3 teams play each other a lot over the next 4 weeks...
Lions / Argos next 2 weeks
Riders / Argos after that
Riders / BC after that
...could be an interesting 4 weeks!