Crossover Strategy

With 4 of the western teams doing well (well, Edmonton isn't but that's by their own rigid standards) the possibility of the 4th place western team replacing the 3rd place eastern team is currently HIGH.

Calgary and BC appear to be in a two-way race for 1st in west. Edmonton and Winnipeg are in their own private war for 3rd - and final spot in west. So here's the first portion of the strategy - either Edmonton or Winnipeg would be fools trying to garner the 3rd spot in west when a plum spot in the east remains available. Playing BC or Calgary on their own turf is a daunting task. I should point out neither the Bombers or Edmonton will ever address the cross-over until it appears in front of them - that's because they'd look like they're lolly-bagging. Of course, you can't be playing to lose - until the options are totally clear either!

The opposite strategy appears in the East - where Hamilton and Ottawa appear (I repeat appear) headed for a 1-2 private war. Ayy, that's the rub. When the smoke starts clearing do you think Hamilton & Ottawa would prefer to face a wounded/powerless team like Toronto or Montreal vs. a hepped up western team like Winnipeg or Edmonton? So what can they do? Lose games is the preferred option? Not dump them on purpose - just rest key players (QBs, key defenders, olineman, WRs, etc.) and let Toronto and/or Montreal accumulate a couple extra meaningless Ws - enough to keep their intended prey alive with 7 or 8 Ws, perhaps even 9 - forcing Wpg or Edm to get 9 Ws for sure, perhaps even 10.

The trouble is that all four western teams might end up with a minimum of 10 wins. So you'd have to contribute more Ws than is really safe. Remember if Hamilton barfs up an extra couple losses to keep a dead team alive for 3rd in East they risk dropping down to #2 in East and instead of hosting the eastern final - they're hosting a semi-final and then probably visiting Ottawa for the east final.

Its a dog's game to be sure. But it explains how some aspects of crossover strategy might play out the remainder of the season.

I read this 3 times just to make sure I was not mis- reading or you were not joking.

All I have to say is :roll: :roll: :roll:

If any team is scared to take on any team, they might as well just forfeit the play-offs.

If you are worthy of a Grey Cup, you need to have the confidence to beat any time, any field.

Great coaching that would be.

"OK guys we are going to REST some starters and I will not let anyone know I have no faith in your ability to win in BC or Calgary."

To your credit though, I am sure fans of a West team would rather go East.

Yet if coaches or players think that way, they are already defeated.

Bad, bad idea. Sorry, your grade for today is F-.