crossover stays

According to Jim Bender of the Winnipeg Sun the crossover format will stay intact this year.

Kanga will be happy and ro13113 won't.

Kanga will be happy and ro1313 won't.....roughy, you have a way with understatement..... :wink:

I'm indifferent to this really.


but in all fairness and repect to Ro, hold it doesn't happen this year and we see a WPG Vs. Cal or WPG Vs. Ssk GC instead.

if there are only 8 teams it should top 3 each division..... cause thats the way it will work out anyway....

The crossover is still in effect...which is what I've been trying to tell everyone from day one.

Now the top six teams in the league are guaranteed to make the playoffs.

I might have been part of the problem. The day after Ottawa folded Danny Barret was reported to say that the corssover wasn't on. I spread this out on here.

I will wait to hear it from the CFL instead of the media

Well, unfortunately the media is our only link between us and the CFL. The CFL did announce it, and it was in the paper a few days ago. Really.

Just to add to this point, it was Danny Barrett who said the crossover was no longer in effect. I certainly don't recall hearing the CFL announce it. You would have thought that Danny Barrett was more reliable than that.


Well, I personally wouldn't think he would be...though it's true that we should be able to expect him to be.

To tell you the truth, other than Barret, I have not heard officially either way. I guess it is safe to assume the rules are in place unless stated otherwise

I'm pretty sure it was Alexis Redmond, the director of communications for the CFL, who announced a few days ago that the crossover would still be in effect.

Well, I'm not surprised to hear that it's still in effect, but I am a little disappointed ... I'm not a big fan of the crossover, especially if there's two divisions of four teams each. Since most games are played between division rivals, the playoff teams should be decided on the basis of divisions, not on the basis of how they stack up against teams they didn't play as often ...

Please see the "no crossover this year" thread for a more detailed answer of what I'm going to say here...

There are not enough divisional matchups to NOT have the crossover - the entire league is a double round robin, with four extra games between divisional rivals. Since the divisional setup is important in the playoffs, the merit of having 10 divisional games is apparent. BUT with 8 non-divisional matchups, it means that the crossover is still VERY relevant.

The CFL doesn't follow a divisional scheduling setup, they follow a league scheduling setup - the crossover is logical.

Maybe they shuld add something to the Cross Over to make it harded for it to happen. like best overall record and a better record than with the teams in the other division. If that had happened, Saskatchwan would not have crossed over.

just a thought.

Some people have complained in the past about a team needing a BETTER record to cross over. They said that an identical record should be enough, if the potential-CO team won the series against the other one.

I guess it's like everything else: if your team gets hurt by it, you hate it, if they take advantage of it, you love it. Those whose teams have never been affected one way or the other are split.

Why have East vs West at all?

If there's gonna be a cross over, and top 6 teams make it, just have a single division.

Top 2 get bye's 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5.

becase that would be denying the history of the league when it was the two leagues that meaged in 1958. It was a bloody shame that in 1995, they had to mess everything up by chaging the divisions. If the league did what you say, it's would be like the NFC and AFC becomeing one big super league w/o conferences which rep the the fromer NFL and AFL. There should be two divisions with a CO opion, peroid.

East versus west has to stay. That's not negotiable.