Crossover Spot

With the east division leaders all bunched up at 2 wins, there may be an opportunity for a west crossover come playoff time. Ottawa has had a couple of strong starts before then have faded, Hamilton stinks, I think the crossover may be here again this year.

The Bombers play Ham. twice and the Gade's once in August, a sweep in those games may put them in good shape to crossover come November. Then again Calgary may have something to say about this too.

Mmm... 9-9/8-10 are the most popular. I wonder if I should of put up 7-11 as well? I think Ottawa or Ham. can pick up at least 7 wins this year. Anyone think 7-11 would do it?

Im thinking 8 - 10 might get you playoff spot in either the east or west this season.

I'm going with the least 9 wins should get it done in the west....

It's not going to be easy to get a crossover, the east finally has 3 competitive teams