Crossover question

It does make sense for the crossover teams, but not for the 3rd place team in the division. 3rd place has to travel to the 2nd place team.
Not exactly fair that the 4th place team gets to start the playoffs at home.

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If such an imbalance actually exists one needs to wonder why east wins said Grey Cup with such frequency

In past decade as example Montreal & Toronto have won the Cup as often as Winnipeg and Calgary have
Ottawa has been as successful as Sask & BC have

Really the only "disappointment" have been the Ti-Cats; and without their choke Winnipeg would be in same category as Sask/BC/Ottawa

In the last 10 GC's the West 7, East 3....not very even IMO.


I think the argument goes that those teams had an easier run to the GC, so they're not as worn out.

If they have a better record I think it’s entirely okay. Why you let a 3rd place team with 7 wins host if the 4th place team has 10 wins , makes o sense to me. That will give the eastern teams some motivation to start at the beginning of the season. Not on labour day.


What i am saying for example.
The west rankings: Hypothetical
East rankings
Sask would play mtl but at home, while BC would have to go to Cal?


2017 Grey Cup win should have shown why the Argo and CFL brand has fallen .

The evidence on the field .

The last Toronto Grey Cup win had the 5th seed hosting and a bye .

The 6th seed in the east also hosted and had a home playoff game .

On top of that the east hosted the 4th pace team in the west not one of the better teams in the west .

While out west a 12 -6 team played on the road with no byes for two teams with 12 -6 records .

A .500 team got a bye and home field and got to play the 4th seed .

Toronto gets a few breaks in the GC and wins the Cup .

just a terrible sports story to sell .

There was no cinderella story to sell in the end it was an unfair advantage to get to the Cup finals .

Nothing to sell anyone just mediocrity and a silly seeding system with a tiny 9 team league .

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...and yet the last blowout in a Grey Cup was East blew out West......

If there was this huge gulf between the two, every year would be a blowout. But we have had more Grey Cups go to overtime in the last 20 years than ever before...

But would those East teams that blew out the West in Grey Cups have been able to do so without an easier path to the Cup?

Possibly yes - but does it matter when it seems year after year east teams make a game of it?
And if that theory was correct would the crossover team not be making it to the Grey Cup when there is a crossover? (which has never happened....)

This would all be solved with a single division


It matters if the East teams get easier paths year in and year out.

And the crossover teams have to win twice on the road in another timezone, so it's not a huge shock they haven't made it to the Cup yet.

My ideal scenario would be the league gets to ten+ teams, keeps the divisions, and has very few (6 or fewer) interlocking games, with no crossover.

But until that day comes, I wouldn't mind seeing the league scheduling and seeding as one united entity.


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(I post on a PTSD forum too so I can read what you meant not what you said.....)

With 10 teams (5 teams in each division East/West) top 3 go through in each division.

12 games within your division and 6 games outside the division.

Now only if it were that simple but it is the CFL after all.

I’ve always been a purist when it comes to having an east vs west Grey Cup, but I’m starting to realize I might be wrong. I hear what your saying....but It may be time to have one division, and let the best teams fight it out in the playoffs.

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Agreed and also a purist for Canadian player content...don't want a league of players who couldn't make it to the big show down south and end up here.


actually it is Canada. We lack the needed markets

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Halifax, Windsor, Quebec City, London On.

Any one will do.

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Hasn't Winnipeg had the easiest route to Cup as they won division?
Hamilton needed to beat Montreal and upset Toronto in TO to get there

I think just worded oddly.... Sask would travel to Mtl in that scenario

He he he
THAT my friend is VERY disingenuous

A ) You as a Winnipeg fan are counting the Bombers as an eastern division team if you insist on using that 7-3 tally

B ) If you exclude the Winnipeg plays in the east nonsense you need to add the previous years Grey Cup where Montreal beat Sask (2nd time in a row actually) to drop your results to 6-4

Also 3rd dose of reality for the west is best crowd
No cross over has ever beaten the east
Only time we saw a non eastern team in Grey Cup was Winterpeg trying to pretend they are an eastern team