Crossover question

Should the league allow two teams to cross over? East is so bad when it come to playoffs we need the best to play.


This would be the same as making the whole league One Division. Is that what you're suggesting?

I think most people would like to keep the East West flavour for the Grey cup.


The fair answer is no.

At the beginning of the season where all teams are 0-0 everyone knows the playoff format ahead of time where one crossover is possible.

Changing the format mid season would be a bigger bush league move.

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maybe post season, there should be a parity draft for bottom teams to steal some players from top teams. or in this case, east teams to steal from the west

I'm not sure that he's asking for a mid-season change.


No. As it stands, if the East loses its spot its 4 Western teams vs 2 Eastern anyway. I'm good with that.

Nobody cares anymore in the east with the idea that the east is somehow a huge hurdle for travel today and the crowds show they stopped caring decades ago with ridiculous lack of season performance being rewarded with playoffs and home field advantage .

It's time to move on and create a better story for media and any remaining fans to follow before even that is too late .

The Same old same old is finished put a fork in it .

The Grey Cup deserves better than some fake east / west rivalry that ended in the 80's .

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Reality check here....despite all that, regular season records and all, you have to go back 32 years to find a true blowout win - and it was East blows out West.

By the end of the season, there will be more true east contenders. Toronto is a .500 club four games in that could just as easily be .750.

The schedule is a bit messed up this year so at this point things look weird. Some teams in the east will wake up here and we will have great playoffs and a great Grey Cup......


Maybe always happens. Football is a complex game and getting everyone doing the right thing takes time........

and it always happens.

The only way to get the CFL management to do the right thing is to get another six team/12 man league to compete against the CFL. Call it the CFA -- Canadian Football Association.

Right now there's no incentive for the CFL to change course.

Force a merger to get a suitable playoff system the fans want for 8/9 teamed merged league

Just ask Calgary about weaker East teams in the Grey Cup. At that point it’s whoever plays the best football for the next 60 minutes. Thankfully that core won in 2018.

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Freedom of choice.

Canadians deserve the right to choose another 12 man/3 down/110 yard field pro league in their country if the status quo won't change with the CFL

Hog wash.

There's no incentive for the east teams to win games for the majority of their regular season games.

Why bother going as a fan in the regular season?

No incentive for the east to wheel and deal for players (trade) either

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HW has a good point , who would pay to see Ottawa take on Hamilton ...4-5 k people.

One thing they could do is, if the crossover team has a better record than it’s competitor, the game should be played in the city who’s got the better win /loss record, That makes sense to me, and would give the other teams more incentive to do better during the season.

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But all football is any given Sunday . Football is not a series it's only 60 minutes so the regular season needs to mean something with only 18 games versus 82 or 162 .

The last place team could beat the best any given day ; does it make them the best representatives as champs if you helped them get to the cup

That's the point it's not about the regular season or a proper playoff set up .

The Toronto GC wins for example did nothing for interest for the Argos . This is so important but seems to be lost on those who wish to keep everything the same .

Your champion if they are true champs should climb there with thrilling achievements and not fall into it with an easier path year in year out with improper seeding .

If Toronto is your barometer changes should have come decades ago . My fear is it might be too late to see interests grow for the necessary changes with expansion , Canadian content like the QB's , or an over haul of the playoff system until sufficient expansion exists especially in the east .


To repeat something I've said before: add one more team to the league, let every team play every other team twice and send the 6 best teams to the playoffs. The West is always better so letting two weak Eastern teams go to the playoffs year after year is bullshit.

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Agreed...the league needs 12 teams, should align the playoffs as stated. As a side note, being an Elks fan, wait for Trey Ford to come back from injury. He's gone to be the best QB in the league.