Crossover question

(This may have been asked and answered already, but I haven't seen it yet.)

I love the crossover rule. It makes for a more fair and competitive playoff season and opens up the possibility of conference rivals playing in the Grey Cup Game.
But it seems to me that when a team crosses over for the playoffs (Edmonton), that team's season record should also cross over. Why is Edmonton (10-8) playing the Eastern Semi-Final in Winnipeg (8-10)?

Yes, this has been questionned and answered through several posts. Look around.

Because they're playing in the EAST division playoffs because better record notwithstanding, they couldn't make it in the west.

Yeah, we may have a better record, but we still had to cross over to make the playoffs. I don't mind being on the road... Besides, Winnipeg stepped up their game. If they'd finished 6-12, maybe I'd be a little upset... Maybe.

actually it was 8-10 we finished at. scary seeing how we had 2 wins after the banjo bowl. easier second half to the season f you ask me.

but ya as they said although the record is better. the record of the eskimoes wasn;t good enough in the west. and the cross over is the 4th in the west taking over for 3rd in the east. so having the better record then second place is irrelevant because the eliminated team due to cross over is 3rd place.

I said if you guys had finished at 6-12...

sorry just saw the 6-12 and was kinda wtf. makes ence but we still woulda hosted and lsot to u guys.