Crossover & Other Playoff Thoughts

I think it should be one division. No sub 500 team should be involved in the hunt for the grey cup. Why give mediocracy a chance.


Major league baseball really ruled out some great teams with their pennant winners only philosophy from the 1910s thru the 1970s. Lots of great 2nd & 3rd place teams over the years in MLB but only the top teams made it until the lure of land office profits from TV enticed them to add more teams to the mix.
CFL was always the land of hope & opportunity with up to 6 of 8 teams making the madcap playoff chase.
Of course, NHL was pretty close - in the classic 6 team NHL which ran until 1967, 4 of the six teams made the playoffs. . . . often the 4th place team sandbagged the 1st place runaways in the first round.

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In all honesty, no matter what playoff format is put forward, someone out there won't be happy.

Oh well🤷


Very true, but I think a reasonable goal would be to make it more objectively fair. One division and a more balanced schedule would at least remove the bias in favour of the East to a large extent.

Don’t know if anyone caught it, but Major League Baseball recently changed their schedule starting next year. Going forward every team will play every other team in the league at least twice every year. The Blue Jays are playing against my Pirates in Pittsburgh for the first time since 2014 this weekend. Like all other teams, they will now play each other at least twice a year and in each other’s city every second year. Some teams in the same division currently play each other up to 19 times a year. I believe the maximum will now be 14. Applying something similar to the CFL would mean a home and away game against every team each year and a maximum of three games against the same team. I find that much more interesting and watchable.


The East is by far the more compelling race. All four teams are within 4 "points" of one another. Every game matters.

The West is a total snooze fest. 16 points separate first from worst. Whereas 4 points seperate the entire East, you have 4 points between first and second place, and then 4 more points between second and third place. There's a tie for 3 and 4 though, so the crossover race is mildly interesting I suppose.

If Sask can "steal" a game from the allmighty Bombers Sunday - they could get on an end of season roll, invariably passing both BC & Calgary for 2nd in West and give Bombers a tumble for 1st . . . . . assuming Bombers go on a very bad slide!

The east isn’t interesting, it's pathetic. A race to put the worst product on the field will not draw new fans, and the strategy is also costing the league what fans there used to be.


Here's how the standings would like under a united league structure.

Rank Team Wins Losses Pts
1 Winnipeg 10 1 20
2 BC 8 2 16
3 Calgary 6 4 12
4 Saskatchewan 6 5 12
5 Toronto 5 5 10
6 Montreal 4 7 8
7 Edmonton 3 8 6
8 Hamilton 3 8 6
9 Ottawa 3 8 6

Playoff Picture

Quarter 1

3 Calgary hosts 6 Montreal

Quarter 2

4 Saskatchewan hosts 5 Toronto

Semi 1

1 Winnipeg hosts lower ranked quarter winner

Semi 2

2 BC hosts higher ranked quarter winner

Wins this weekend by Hamilton and Edmonton would put them tied (ignoring tiebreaker formulas) for the last playoff position.

A win from Toronto could put them in position to host a quarter final.

A win from Sask could help them jump Calgary for the more favourable quarter final position.


Much better and infinitely more fair than the Eastern “get out of jail free card” system that now exists. There is also the added bonus of more league wide playoff revenue as the teams hosting will easily out draw any Eastern team at the gate.


Plus more teams are in interesting races. Maybe if we did this, the Eastern teams would become better just to prove us western rednecks wrong! Better product means we all win.


Absolutely. It is professional sports. We shouldn’t be handing out participation ribbons and rewarding participation in and of itself.


Pirates fan eh?

Used to be a huge Expos fan.

Lost faith in Baseball when they got screwed in 1994.

Got back into it when the Red Sox beat the Yankees from 0 and 3 down to 4 straight and on to the World Series win in 2004.

Still prefer zero inter- league games in the regular season.

Hopefully they can get to 32 teams with 8 divisions and back to pennant races.

Still can use the NFL playoff style format (4 division winners and 2 wild cards) if they can get to 32 teams.

Pirates fan since the Roberto Clemente days. A bit like being a Leafs fan but 1979 is better than 1967. All I got with them are the best uniforms in baseball. And one of the top three ballparks. Much like the Expos did they develop better talent than any other team (Bonds, Bonilla, Garret Cole) only to see that talent leave for more money as soon as they are free to do so.

Baseball is a joke without a salary cap, unless you are a fan of the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox and a few other teams that but contending rosters. I no longer watch the regular season either. Their re jigging of the schedule is a positive, however. The best thing I can say about the game is that the playoffs are the best of any sport and I do watch those. You couldn’t write a better script than the 2011 playoffs with the Cards being down to their last strike in two different series including the World Series, yet winning it all.

i guess you were ahead of the curve and it just took a season like this to realize it again. i did think the eskies were going to do it there a few years ago, didnt they lose in the east final? or did they just win one game?

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thats the way it should be really. maybe one ripple would be to give the 1 seed the option to choose their opponent. that might be interesting if they chose 3rd instead of 4th seed in the semis, for example. pick your poison for bulletin board material. lol

I think allowing the #1 team to pick their opponent would be great. Some leagues have tried that briefly or had it available as a potential option like in MLB, but it hasn’t been very common or permanent in major North American professional team sports. The CFL prides itself on being quirky and different and this would fit right in with that.

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A coach like Michael O'Shea would absolutely freak out if he had to "select" his 1st rd. opponent. Can u imagine the wall hangings such an opponent would put up?
Also, on the field the shriek of "You Picked Us?" every time they made a good play!

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All part of the fun. It adds an extra advantage for finishing first. When picking your potential opponent one of them may have suffered an injury to their starting QB the previous game, for example. Therefore you may want to pick the supposedly better team to play if they are shorthanded.

Quebec City (interestingly enough a perfect sized city for CFL) is the only one with an NHL caliber rink. Saskatoon is too small, and there's not enough sponsorship dollars to make it work as the NHL is not a gate driven league. Maybe if there was a high speed rail system in the province to make travel between Saskatoon and Regina quick and easy it could work, but there's no way the weekday games would be viable travelling 2 and a half hours both ways.

Not a huge difference in 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th... But when a second place team gets into the play offs with 3 wins in one division and a team playing better than 500 in the other does not qualify for a play off game the sport involved is bush league when they allowed it to happen for decades