Crossover & Other Playoff Thoughts

That’s irrelevant. For some reason some people think that only Western teams should face travel hardship. Toronto this year, for example, has roughly a 6 week period where they don’t play outside of Southern Ontario and are in the midst of that now. Some worry that it is unfair that Eastern teams play 3 hours later on the west coast, yet aren’t concerned that BC plays 3 hours earlier when playing in the East.

That excuse is just poppycock and is brought forward solely to protect the unfair advantage the East teams have already. I for one don’t buy the turn into a pumpkin theory when playing past 10 pm or traveling more than 1,000 miles, applicable only to East teams I might add.

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I don't want to pay big bucks for an 18 game preseason. I want to see the best football played throughout the season. Sadly, the west play football, the east play rugby.

The east is playing rugby!! Then they just need to convince the island nations to come over and play for them. Those boys can run and HIT! Lol

Sadly, the East plays bad rugby.

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Remember, this is the CFL......anything is possible.

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I don't have an issue with the single division as long as TSN and the CFLPA sign off on it.

Just going to add the team with the best record should host the game 2 weeks after the semi-final (oh no, not that again) which may require moving the season up so be it.

My nickels worth on that matter (Man it's getting pricey offering opinions isn't it.)

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Why two weeks after? I wouldn't mind seeing a bye the week before the Cup to give players a chance to rest a bit and heal up for the big game.

The top 2 teams will get a bye straight to the semifinal round and then have 2 weeks to prepare for the final.

The bye in the first round is still in play.

Ahh, gotcha. We were envisioning the same thing, just calling it different names. You're correct that under a united league, there'd be quarterfinals and semi-finals and the Cup. I was still thinking semis, finals, and the Cup.

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Why would TSN have any say in the matter?

Because you need to distribution network to promote your product.

With a single division that's what you have.

Wouldn't mind calling the first round Play-in Final (winners go to the Playoff final to get slaughtered)

The Grey Cup would be final between what's left of the survivors.

Only the Strong will survive.

Where did I here to that from🤔

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As long as there are however many games a season for them to show on TV (81?), I fail to see why TSN should have any say in who's playing whom in a given game or how the league decides to split the teams up.

It's called attracting advertisers.

Want a big payday from tv show them something worth investing in.

81 games a season isn't worth investing in? I don't recall Sportsnet and NBC having a say in whether the NHL expanded or realigned its divisions recently.

Sure they do.

Quebec City, Saskatoon, Hamilton still don't have NHL franchises and yet Phoenix, Florida still do.

Can't sell Saskatoon to American advertisers.

Rogers has a share in the Leafs so they do have some say.

You think any sports league will survive just on ticket sales alone.

And I wonder why the CFL was not able to have a season in 2020.

Without a tv partner you might as well fold.

Signed The Arena Football League and Arena Football League 2.0

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A 2nd NHL team in Toronto and Montreal are worth far more than half the southern US franchises

Plus many smaller Canadian cities have arenas (unlike CFL with stadium issues) so expansion up north would print money for local economy

But those south of the border have no interest in watching Saskatoon vs Winnipeg in playoff matchups

They are so desperate to not relocate Arizona they play in front of 5,000 fans now lol
I could put 20 new teams up here who could easily draw 5,000 to a game (forget big cities like Hamilton, we could put teams in the Maritimes, northern BC, even the Territories to draw that. And think of all the Uni cities)

To put this in perspective; even on their darkest days, the ARGOS draw more than 5,000 per game

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Maybe I'm being pedantic. Yes. Gary Bettman is thinking about how to market the game and maximize profits. No he didn't go to NBC management hat in hand and ask for permission to expand the way folks imply that CFL would have to with TSN to change anything. Subtle difference maybe.


When the NHL doubled in size back in 1967 one of conditions for a national contract with CBS was to place two franchises in California (San Francisco/Oakland and Los Angeles)

There's a history of that particular partnership.

I think we are losing site of the actual topic.

What does of this have to do with a single division format?

Oh yeah, something called an actual partnership between the CFL, CFLPA and tv networks.

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Gary "Slick" Bettman & the NHL treats Canada like a pet tarantula. Lots of bite but a pet nevertheless. A Saskatoon/Regina/SK NHL team would average 12,000 to 14,000, even in despotic winter conditions. A Hamilton twin Southern Ontario franchise would yield 14,000 to 16,500 per game. Quebec City - maybe 15,000 for a winning team, 10,000 to 11,500 for a loser.
Halifax - 12,000 guarnteed per game
Little Brandon, MB, expand the Keystone Arena from 6,000 to 11,000 and you'd have 10,000+ roarin' fans every outing. Little tough for NHL to land planes though in their tiny airport.

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