Crossover & Other Playoff Thoughts

What if Bombers win against Ed. And Sask. And lose both B.C. games? 14-4 and B.C. wins all but one and finishes 14-4? B.C. wins the season series and first place. Or am I wrong?

this is a perfect one canadian division setup.

We're missing a team to do two divisions of five. For a start.

The league did their own production (the Canadian Football Network) in the 90s, if I recall correctly. They went away from it. I'm not sure why, but I doubt it was because the plan was working too well.

I think field advertising is here to stay. It's free money, and the teams would be foolish to leave it on the table.

I like the fully balanced schedule, as it is the best and most effective way to get accurate seeding and gauge the teams relative to each other.

I'm less convinced on expanding the playoffs. As it is, the regular season record means little, and expanding the number of teams in post season lessens the relevance of season performance even further. I have been a vocal advocate of a single division, but if there must be two divisions, then I would like a fully balanced schedule with division winners getting a bye and four wild cards seeded by record.

I really like your idea for marketing players and creating special shows about them. You should pitch that to the league. I think it could be done really well.

I get the full TSN package and watch it for far more than the CFL. If CFL left and went subscription, I, for one, would likely not follow along, but would keep my TSN. Its not about the dollar amount, but about the principle... all these different streaming services each charging a little bit is a death by 1000 cuts. When I add it up, its far cheaper and more convenient to keep cable, so I will continue to support that business model. If I, a long time and reasonably dedicated fan, am unwilling to pay PPV or subscription fees, what are the odds that casual fans will sign up?

You've got a couple of really good ideas and the league would do well to run with them. But I can't agree with all your points.


Yes that could happen.

Would you like to bet on it?

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oh the bets are happenin’….

that’s not a bet i’d take though lol. way too many what ifs

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for me, one of the biggest issues is marketing across the league. for example, freakin’ toronto doesn’t even deserve a team for what the owners put into it and the utter lack of promotion there. yet the league seems to consider the argos like a flagship organization (along with sask), which is absurd.

I agree with your take except I would also advocate an earlier start to the season.

Your post is the first I have read that meshes with my thinking on cable. I also would not live without my TSN package (or HBO) for approx $20 a month. That gives me all CFL games, all Jets games and tons of other sports I watch including NFL, golf , tennis and a smidge of curling. Why would I hop around from platform to platform and paying as I go to maybe save 79 cents a month? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m missing something? Can you get any sport you want all the time anywhere else by just turning on the TV for $20 a month? If so I would listen to a pitch.


i get all the sports i need via TSN, sportsnet and internet. also PVR is a thing. lol

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Regular season is already devalued
Heck that is what derailed this train; the issue that when a team like Winnipeg runs away with the division it is "unfair" to whoever finishes second (and third)

Nevermind the fact that BC lost their QB (and would be struggling for playoff lives if they did not have such a good start) Calgary is really not that good and Sask has a record that would look at home in the eastern division (poised to drop even further based on schedule)

I said way above if we want a legit championship it really should be the two division winners playing

Letting 6 of 9 teams in guarantees teams with terrible records in post season
Or do some result padding (eg NHL made up 3 point games and loser points so it did not look like such junk teams were making deep playoff runs)

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If you want to just have a 2-team playoff, shouldn't it be the top 2 teams? The two division leaders now are #1 and #4. Letting #4 in over #2 and #3 would be devaluing the regular season. To put full value on the regular season while maintaining a playoff format, you have to seed the teams according to their records.

If you want a 2-team playoff, #1 hosts #2.
If you want a 3-team playoff, #2 hosts #3 and then #1 hosts the winner.
If you want a 4-team playoff, #1 hosts #4 and #2 hosts #3. Then, the highest ranked winner hosts the other winner.


It is a much better set up . I would not change to divisions until the 11th team I would keep it one league for the 10th team .

If it ended today Montreal would travel to Calgary 6 pm est and Toronto would host Saskatchewan at 3 pm est .

If the home teams do happen to win you have Toronto flying out to Winnipeg in game one 3 pm est and Calgary going to BC for game two at 6 pm est .

You asked what I'd like to see, not what was imediately possible. Given that nothing we say is immediately possible, I suggested another team in the East as a solution to a balanced schedule in that each team plays each other twice. That scenario has been fuddled with for longer than I have been alive. People were talking about getting another team in the East when the Bombers were playing at old Osborne Stadium.
The integrity of the on field product is what is ruining the game. The CFL is TSN'S Bitch right now. The game is being ruined by that relationship. If you compare the two products NFL and CFL its not that the players are so inferior it is that the product is inferior. If the camera work during the playoffs was implemented during the regular season that would make a huge difference. But that won't change. Inovation is lacking and the culprit is the on camera advertising. The play starts with the shot from afar because it needs to incorporate the runner ads on the sidelines, then as the playclock counts down it brings the veiwer closer but slowly, so that by the time the play is over we are still left wanting a more detailed shot. And the new abhorant onfield ads denigrate the product even more. The consipracy theorist in me thinks this is by design. Undermine the game so much so the league folds and 'surprise' a few teams in the big markets form the canadian division of the NFL. And the NFL captures the entire Canadian football market. Just like MLB and NBA. Think about it. We are a sad country that does not even have a league of our own for our national sport. Hockey. Think hard if that were the case in Britain for their football. We have Canadian franchises but the league has always been run by the Americans.
Or the tall foreheads that run the CFL are so daft they cannot see the trees for the forest. The economic model needs to be demolished in order for true fan enjoyment to be secured. The current model is based on the same model for all major sports and that is greed. The league and its stakeholders are obsessed the same way Gollum was obsessed with the ring. And we know how that turned out. But when ever they, which means any league, speaks of its stakeholders the most important stakeholder is always absent from the discussion. That stakeholder is the FAN! Until we are given a seat at the table then we will just be what? Well when the NHL players went on strike one team governor referred to them as cattle. And if they are cattle, remember the shirts say, Property Of (insert team name), then what are WE, the FAN. Sadly we are fodder. We feed the cattle, which feeds their owners. We feed everybody. Even the person that doesn't watch the games and cares little if the league lives or dies. They are fodder as well. For they buy the products that advertisers pay to the broadcaster and hence to the league. All money is derived from us directly or indirectly. If we do not take an active roll in understanding our position in this relationship and then take concerted action then we will continue to be at the mercy of those that hold and control the strings.

Here's the weekly what-if look at a unified league standings:

Rank Team Wins Losses Pts
1 Winnipeg 12 2 24
2 BC 9 4 18
3 Calgary 9 5 18
4 Toronto 8 5 16
5 Montreal 6 7 12
6 Saskatchewan 6 8 12
7 Hamilton 4 10 8
8 Edmonton 4 10 8
9 Ottawa 3 10 6

That tight 3-way race for second overall and the playoff bye that comes with it would be exciting.

Montreal and Sasktatchewan would be neck and neck for spots 5 and 6 while trying to hold off Edmonton and Hamilton.

The current standings would see Winnipeg and BC with first-round byes.

Calgary would host Saskatchewan in one quarterfinal.

Toronto would host Montreal in the other quarterfinal.

If you look at this week's schedule, I think there'd be much more intensity to the Montreal-Edmonton and Toronto-Calgary matches. If Edmonton were to defeat Montreal, they'd only be one game behind them in the race for playoff positions. With a win over Calgary, Toronto could leapfrog the Stamps in the race for second overall and that bye into the second round.


Completely agree with this system. Chances are we would get a MUCH better Grey cup game then with the current system.

Good post. I've never been a big fan of 1 league wide division but how the current season would be playing out in this scenario, it'd be a lot more exciting.

We have 5 weeks left in the season and everything feels nearly wrapped up/playoff matches already decided. In your scenario a lot of changes could still occur

Sask has not got o line now and that will not change until next season... Even if they make the crossover they will not be the Cinderella story of the century... As much as I would live to see it happen

But the point in this thread is that the playoff races themselves would be much more exciting, and the seeding for matchups and home games would be much more reflective of the teams' actual performance during the season.

CapDave's post really illustrates just how far superior the league races would be without the east-west divide.


Totally agree playoffs should not have the east west format .. it is actually killing the cfl


Guess home field for the west team that takes the offer up would get home field advantage in the semi only if their record was better than 2nd in east, example So if montreal are 9-9, Calgary at 10-8 would get home whilst BC 9-9 and Sask at 8-10 wouldnplay away. The east final maybe would always stay with east winners.

Thats the only part I'd be completely fine with whoever crossed over not having homefield advantage.

If a team chooses to play out of the East I'm fine with them having to be the visiting team the entire way through