Crossover, on or off this season???

I hate to talk about rules on CFL talk during the season (IMO, that should be for the of topic section since their are more important matters at hand), but their has been some discussion on the Bomber forum weather or not the CO is on this season, so I would like the experts on here to say what the situation is on it regrading the 2006 season.

BTW (rant on) After the rare implosion of the EE (assuming that the cuts the EE made today is true) and the Riders (they look just like the Bombers last season), if both of this teams finish out of the playoffs this season under the terms the CO applies to, I think it would be the best example on why the CO should be keep indefinatly. (rant off)

You dont like to talk about rules!

not during the regular season, especially since we have the other football and off topic sections, we have more important things to discuss.

I, KK, will not mention the AP unless:

  1. it's bought up
  2. I think it will make the losing team feel better (not during the playoffs and/or if their team is out of the PO)
  3. when my petition is up (that should be the last time I "make" a topic regrading it, I plan to use an existing K-KBBAP thread)
  4. until it because a real rule of the CFL.

you have it in writing.

Now, CO, on or off this season?

So, you won't talk about it unless it's brought up or you think it needs to be discussed.....uh huh.....there's a little too much leeway there.....

Ahhh good. I'm sure the restrooms at offices of CFL officiating are running low on bathroom tissue. :lol:


#4 is unlikely, at least not at this point (no exhibition game with it yet), and even if it's done in the future, I see no reason to talk about it unless it's challenged like the Single is all the time.
#3 once it's done, it's done

#2 more of a pat on the back than anything, nothing earth breaking this week, and I assume that will be the nom.
#1 I can't do I thing if another posters asks, cuz if I don't say anything, the goes a potential supporter, but it will be a PM reply.

still waiting on a answer to my question.

Sure tell the fans of the losing team how they would have won with your made up A.P. That will make them feel better

...most of them will reply with (Verb)(Adverb), (Pronoun)(Adjective)(Pronoun).....

basically, the way I see it, to win with the AP, you need to have more TDs than the other team, most so now than the current rule, so saying that they would have won with AP means that they had more TDs than the other team, therefore will they are still one of the best teams, and will do better next week.

let's say Team A has 3 TDs, team B has 1 TD 3 FGs and a 4 singles. Asumming that their is no convert after each TD, you have

Team A: 18
Team B: 19

Team A: 21
Team B: 20

just a pat on the back.

CO? hello?

And the way I see it, in order to win with the action point, it would have to actually exist.....

And if it were to eventually exist, then the BOG, whom would eventually have to approve it, would speculatively have gotten into the reminents of Ricky Williams' private stash (which appears to be growing in a private parkette adjacent to Gate 4 of the Rogers Centre).

If you have more TD than the other team you pretty much dont need the Action point in the first place

for once, in a long time, jm02, I agree. "frturanting, it is" says Yoda.

Like I said, a pat on the back no more, but I can't do it to a team that's out, what's the point? their out, telling them they could have won and might still be in makes them madder. Same goes for the playoffs (why do you think I didn't post anything? cuz, and I'm going to say it now since it's been mouths, in the Grey Cup, Montreal mite have won by one point in the 4th quarter)

but enoungh or that, what about the CO?

It has already been answered many times.
You obviously never read the posts so go look!

but one of the points of it are TDs are worth 7 points, not 6.

and no, I'm not in favor of just changing to 7, cuz then you would have

TD: 7
KC: 8
2 point convert: 9

9 is WAY TOO MUCH to give to a team.

a besides giving more value to the TD, what's the point?

I mean, the AP is a radical idea, but it isn't that radical in comparison, only reason the TD is 7 is cuz it compensates for the lose of the kick convert in addition to raising scores.

only posting this thread in the first place to show a fellow BB fan, cuz I believe it's still on, but as you know me, I'm never really sure unless I read something a doszen times.

right now: I feel 75% sure that the CO is still on.

All I have is this, one that says yes and the other that says no.

[url=] ... ight=cross[/url] [url=] ... ight=cross[/url]

and Ask the Ref is no help.

alright guys and gals, do you want be not to talk about the AP in regards to telling a team the AP scores to make them feel better, minus the team being knocked out of the playoff race or losing in the playoffs (option #2)???

let's start a poll, cuz gods knows I don't want to be snaked AGAIN for it, RW, please leave it alone, only Yes and No opinions please. (it's always better to post on a current thread than start a new one)

I'm casting yes, cuz it will make me see the resuits, nothing more.

Why am I starting to think I'm watching an old episode of WCW Monday Nitro again? "Everybody knows by now that (KK) is doing a lil survey. Its real simple, either you're with (him) or against (him).... Survey says, one more for the (Nutty Buddy)." :roll:

tell ya what, I'll give this poll 4 days (until the next kickoff), if their is a sizable "no" vote by the time the poll ends (51% or more), option #2 will be dead.