Crossover changes

I would like a simple change for the cross over if it happens. The 4 place team in the west with a better record plays the 3rd place team in the east before automatically entering the playoff race. It could be on a stand alone weekend.

Teams get additional revenue, fans get another important game to watch, TSN gets another weekend “playoff/knock out game”, rest of the teams get a bi week before playoffs begin. Only happens if there is a crossover.

So ‘maybe’ back up the semi-finals, finals AND Grey Cup by a week? That might make things tough on a Grey Cup organizing committee to say the least.

Besides with some teams already expressing an interest in ending the season earlier because of the frigid November weather at some venues - an idea pushing games back a week won’t fly at all.

But then 1st in each division, would have to sit for 4 weeks (3 weekends) before playing in the division final.

maybe play a mid week flag football game :slight_smile:

Each team will do a pass punt and kick competition to determine the winner.

I have no sympathy whatsoeverfor any player/coach/team executive complaining about "frigid" November weather. This is Canada! Suck it up and love it. You know where the door is otherwise.


I chose to play a game in Winnipeg in Feb in a snowsuit. It was fun. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy playing in warmer weather better.

They do suck it up and play even though they would prefer it warmer.

good for you

Meanwhile…stands thin out when it gets cold. Just because you want to ignore the realities of the economics for the league, it does not mean the league is going to be that foolish.

Why? To reward losing records even more?

Tug of war, with each team on the opposite bank of a river.


One step toward handing out participation trophies imo.

I thought the people in Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton were rugged and proud of it. Am I wrong?


Pay attention to attendance when it gets cold…um…anywhere

-15 vs HD 72 inch screen. It is the new reality and it will only get worse. If you are blind to that, goid for you. The front office isn’t

but not Calgary ehh

…nope, we’re all latte-sipping valet-parking softies…

You lost me at "stand alone weekend". The only stand alone weekend is and should be the Grey Cup weekend.

meant other teams on a bi week, then crossover game at the team who has the most points. most likely western team. west vs east in a knockout game, the only game for the week. Grey Cup date is in stone.

I was thinking about revenue and the excitement it would bring

I know that's what you meant, and I just said I wouldn't want to see a one game week. I find it bad enough with two and three game weeks.

Also, one extra game between the lowest two teams in the playoffs isn't going to provide that much additional revenue.

And as others have indicated, the top teams would end up with two, and possibly three weeks off before playing in the finals. Not a good idea, IMO.

I think it’d be better to go back to the system whereby that scenario would be handled by having two west semis (1 vs 4, and 2 vs 3) and a two-game total points series between 1 and 2 in the east.

The problem with the fully integrated schedule is that it’s possible that all the teams from one division could finish with better records than all the teams from the other division. How would you set up the playoffs then?

That would work .