Crossover 2023 Chances

Don’t think there’s much crossover chances this year. Ottawa Rough Blacks kept their minimal chances alive but would have to run the table and hope for Sask’n & Calgary to collapse in the West.

Winnipeg & BC will go toe to toe for 1st/2nd in West while Calgary & Sask’n will do battle for the right to travel to Vancouver (indoor stadium) or the cold confines of Wpg’s IGF Stadium in November.
Neither Sask’n nor Calgary will be favored to win the Western Semi-Final. . . . . . . although both would love to get their hands on a relatively immobile QB like Collaros and see what happens. Going up against a jumpy gizmo like VA Adams could be a problem for anyone. When Adams is on his game, he’s the best QB in the league. When he’s not he’s in the lowest tier.

It’s not shaping up to be an exciting playoff run. Calgary is trying to sneak past Saskatchewan but otherwise what we see now should be our playoff list.

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The mythical East to West crossover remains in the realm of samsquatch & UFOs. One of these years, if I live long enough, I’m going to have the shock of a lifetime.