Crossing the plain of the end zone

My question is Where does the plain begin?
In the thread “Let us begin” there is a discussion about the 2003 eastern final and if A.C fumbled before crossing the plain.

Does the plain begin on the one yard line side of the 2 foot wide stripe or on the back side of that stripe. Basicly what I am sayin is Is the goal line part of the endzone. I think that having such a wide stripe can cause confusion when desiding if a play was a touchdown or not. I think that the goal line shoud be removed compleatly and the end zone should be a different colour than the playing field. This way it would be easier see if the ball is in the endzone rather than judging which side of a 2 foot line the ball had crossed.

This is kinda hard to explain in writing. Do you follow what I am trying to say?

its the side of the goal line closest to the field of play.

By definition, the line of the goalline is part of the end zone, thus as soon the tip of the ball touch that line is a touchdown. The ball dont have to cross it. IMO there’s no confusion with that rules.

Actually I knew that but does everyone? I think that visually it would be easier if there was no defined goal line.
What do you think?

Personnaly i think its fine that way, but hey ! i’m an old fart who dont like to change its way of doing things :mrgreen:

how are you gonna tell where the endzone is if you have no goal line…?

it just defines the TD that the ball has the touch part of the goal line, or the plain that goes straight up from it. therefore “breaking the plain” is getting into the endzone, it just defines on which side of the goal line the end zone starts.

you would tell because it would be a different colour.
Like the way that some fields have very wide sidelines. Where the filed changes from green to white is where the field ends. Think of it the same way but at the endzone rather than the side line

its the same thing, it doesnt really need clarifying, if you wanna go dum down the CFL, go be it.

Hey it was just a thought

I say we should just trust the ball carrier. :wink:

“…and the ball carrier crosses mid-field, and is signalling he is in the endzone”

Personally, I think the entire ball should have to cross the goal line before its a touch down, but thats just the hockey fan in me.

…and for the sake of Euclidean Geometry it’s actually ‘plane’ fellow spacecadets, not ‘plain’…and the thickness of the goal line stripe lies within the endzone…making the vertical planar edge closest to the other teams endzone the ‘goal line’…

…and don’t laugh, but I actually saw a serious report on this guy who was thinking of developing a micro sensor system that they can install within the stitching of the ball and a using a concentrated beam across the goal line could determine conclusively if any portion of the ball breaks the endzone…wicked eh, you could hook the thing up to your stadium pyrotechnics control and blast off fireworks & flashpots on every TD…

…and if this doesn’t exist, I called it, my patent…

Sounds cool but my original point was that I think it would be easier for the couch Q.B. to see and prob the refs as well. Getting back to the reason I posted this in the first place was that I felt that for the T.D. in question the ball crossed the edge of the goal line on the playing field side of the line but not the other side so it was a touchdown.

i wouldnt want to hook it up to the fireworks cuz every time they tossed it in the endzone, TD or not…they would go off.

Good point.

I actually like that idea…make both end zones RED…the end of the “RED ZONE.”

As long as they set up enough replay cameras so that, when they allow replay challenges, we can know for sure if the plane was broken, it won’t matter how the lines are drawn.

I just want TD’s to count, and stops to be acknowledged.

well, with the instant replay, i think more and more plays will get the right call. and thats the only thing that matters, that the right call was made.