As there is s fairly high chance that all 4 Western Teams will make it to the play-offs. We can always hope for the Canadian Dream of an Edmonton vs Calgary Grey Cup.

Wouldn't that be the perfect scenario for the Centenial game! :cowboy: :twisted:

Albertan dream maybe.

BC may have something to say about that. :cowboy:


It's still too early. Hamilton still has 2 games vs Edmonton. And more games vs the rest of the east.
Still far to many divisional games left as well, teams will drop after 2 games.
Cross-Over this early assumes WPG and HAM lose out and absolute parity in the west. Come back after week 15 with Cross-Over talk.


No cross-over this early assumes teams finish out the season at 50%.

What a headline that would be, Two Western Teams in the Grey Cup.

Several years ago I posted when BC was playing (either Hamilton or Montreal), that it would be ironic that BC (most Western team) could represent the East and Saskatchewan (more central) would represent the West. All tongue and cheek mind you.... but..... it is the CFL and anything could happen.

I was calling for the Braley Cup last year, but Toronto disappointed me. :frowning:

I think we can all agree that Winnipeg's down. That only leaves Hamilton, and with the way they've been losing games, a crossover is possible. Edmonton and Sask both already have two games on Hamilton with eight left. Hamilton could go on a win streak, but I seriously doubt it.

I seem to recall you saying this

My two cents; crossover team from the West - 8-10 season.
East: Hamilton must go 5-3 to get to 8-10...big game for the Ti-Cats at home vs Edmonton on Saturday Sept.15th

my vote is a Edmonton/BC vs Montreal Grey Cup, but man that was be nice to see the BOA playing for the 100th G.C!!!!

I joked about that, the year Calgary hosted the Grey Cup...2009? :lol: :lol: :lol:

The sponsors would be cringing! Alberta would never be the same!

I can honestly see Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan all finishing at 9-9. Hamilton will have to sweep Edmonton to have any shot at the playoffs. I dont see this happening.

I can honestly say I don't see the Riders winning more than 3. They have a tough schedule
BC, MTL and TOR Twice. Don't give me they are turning it around either, last year they beat Winnipeg twice.

Agree. Sask runs a gauntlet the next 4 weeks, Als, Stamps, Lions, Argos. They'll be stoked to come out of that 7-7. Could play very well and still end up 5-9.

Montreal has allowed 47 more points than what they have scored. Something tells me they arent as good as everyone seems to think. They havent exactly blown anybody out. I predict they will split that series.

The Riders beat BC at home already this season. BC hasnt been great on the road. I predict they will split that series.

I can see the Riders beating Toronto twice.

I dont have to say they are "turning it around". IMO they are a good football team. They are 5-5 and really 2 games out of 1st in the west. The west will be a dog fight right until the end, and may very well end up being decided by head to head wins/loses. Edmonton has lost 3 in a row. Calgary is hot and cold (just so happens they are on a hot streak). BC has been beaten. I'm not ready to crown the West division champ just yet.