Cross Over

Hamilton might just have the easiest schedule of the 4 teams battling for the last 2 playoff spots.(yes i am giving toronto more credit than i should), They play BCx2, TORx3, EDMx2, MONx2, SSKx1 and CGYx1. They may be looking at hosting a playoff game despite being 3-4 right now. oh yeah cross over talk umm, i am guessing the east will cross over this year. but i can't figure out who quite yet.

I definately think an East team will cross over this year (Winnipeg). However, I believe the team crossing over will lose their first playoff game. I can't see Winnipeg beating a top western team if the cross over.

There certainly seems to be a major separation in the west, which we haven't seen for some time. Calgary and Saskatchewan are clearly the elite, and BC and Edmonton are floundering. A crossover from the east is looking like a real possibility this year. . . I do not believe that the Bombers are as weak as their record may indicate and I think they'll improve as the season progresses.

wpg has played 3 games against top 4 teams, and 1 of those was toronto
bc and edmonton have each played 6 games against top 4 teams, yet they are only 1 win behind wpg.

wpg has more top 4 team games ahead of them than does bc and ed. No reason to beleive they will do better at this point. They couldnt even beat montreal with one AC missing the whole game, and the even more important AC missing over half the game.

and all hamilton has done is beat wpg 3 times.

You raise very valid points FYB, I can't argue with you on them and so I won't. My statement that I don't think Winnipeg is as bad as their record indicates was based on nothing more than my subjective gut reaction. I do think they'll improve as the season progresses. . . if I turn out to be wrong on that (and it sure wouldn't be the first time), and they continue to slide into mediocrity or worse, then you'll be proven correct and there'll be no crossover.

All I can say for sure is that, looking at Edmonton, BC, and Winnipeg, it's my (very) subjective opinion that the Winnipeg roster has more upside than the other two and so, if they can get their act together better than they have so far, I think they'll crossover.

Not yet, but this could be the first year for an eastern crossover. Suprizing though which western teams are having the most trouble.

I think a bit of a history lesson is needed here. Yes Edmonton, B.C. and Winnipeg have played attrocious football, but like it or not, one of them will make the playoffs. It is the teams that are playing well in October and November that win the Grey Cup, not those playing well in July and August. Every year the picture changes when the NFL cuts are made, the gap can and has changed drastically when one or more of the bottom group of teams scouts these cuts well.

Before anybody writes either B.C. or Edmonton off, remember either team could be sitting in a playoff position a week from now and Winnipeg must be ahead, a tie goes to the team in the conference. Once the NFL makes their final cuts, we could be looking at a whole new season.

I terms of the CFL, we are just getting over the exhibition games.

The thing is while BC and Edmonton do stand a chance of making the playoffs, the gap in the West is so wide right now, I really can't see how either BC or Edmonton could upset either Calgary or Saskatchewan.

The West right now is Calgary 6-1 and Sask 5-2. Against the West Calgary is 3-0 and Sask 3-1.

Then look at BC and Edmonton. Both are 1-6, and against the West Edmontin is 1-3 and BC 1-4.

It's not so much a gap as it is a chasm...

That is very true...we've seen Mtl and BC teams rattle off impressive 10 to 12 game unbeaten streaks to start the season only to collapse when the chips were down. Similarly, there was 1989 (or as I like to think of it, the year the CFL cancelled the playoffs :wink: ) where a 9-9 team down the 16-2 favourites.

Definitely do or die time for the Bombers.
2 Games against BC next 2 weeks, then a game against the Esk

If Hamilton or Toronto has a real bad last 6 games and Winnipeg catches fire they could actually get in on the east side!

I think BC and Edmonton winning this weekend has put an end to the East crossover. Winnipeg is essentially two games behind Edmonton and three behind BC, and there are only five weeks left.

As for Winnipeg getting in the East, their only chance is beating out Toronto as Hamilton already has the season series, which essentially puts Winnipeg four games behind them. Not impossible, but incredibly unlikely.

The only way there will be crossover is if there are more pics of Burris wearing a bra.... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn't TO have the series on Winnipeg? I'm pretty sure the Argos have beat the Bombers twice. The loss this week pretty much ends any hope Winnipeg had of making the playoffs.

I just checked, and you're right. Toronto and Winnipeg play three times, and so far Toronto is 2-0. Looks like Winnipeg is officially out of the playoffs. Winnipeg is 1-7 against the East. Ouch. :?

Not quite… because if Winnipeg goes 4-1 and the Argos go 0-5, Winnipeg would get in… not likely to happen, but the possibility is there.

You're right, the Bombers are still mathematically alive, but seeing as they've won only three games so far, I can't see them winning four of the next five. Now, TO might lose their next five: at Saskatchewan, vs. Hamilton, at Winnipeg, vs. Montreal, at Montreal. The Argos could very easily lose all five of those games. Their saving grace might be that the Als will be resting guys the last two weeks because they'll have the East wrapped up. Of course, I think Montreal's second-string could probably beat the Argos's first string.

the way things are going, we could yet see ed or bc crossing over :wink:

Exactly. The hill is too high for the Bombers to climb.

nah, Edmonton won't get a cross over. because they need 3 more wins.

and they have Saskatchewan Twice, B.C. Hamilton and Winnipeg.

Only Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are at home.

They'll lose at least once to Saskatchewan, possibly twice if the Riders are still hot. Hamilton will not blow next weeks game.

they will probably get 1 win 2 at the most. which is NOT enough to get a Cross over.

remember, all Toronto and Hamilton have do do is win 1 game and now Edmonton has to win 4 games to get a crossover.

B.C. is getting better, they will likely get at least 2 more wins.

I'm sorry but the Esks will not be making an appearance in the playoffs this season.