Cross Over

One thing I was wondering after seeing the Lions in freefall; has there ever been a year where all 4 teams in East made the playoffs?

Could this year both Hamilton & Winnipeg actually make the playoffs?

I can't say for certain, but I don't believe an East team has ever crossed over.

as long as the 4 bottom teams only beat each other, its all up in the air.

I dont think there will be a cross over this year. Both Edmonton and BC are better than what they have played so far this season, and one will get on a roll and quite possibly make a run for second place.

It won't be Edmonton. Our schedule over the next 5-6 weeks is brutal.

I think the Riders and Stamps pretty much have 1st and 2nd wrapped up for the year already, Edmonton and BC are only playing for 3rd. I would put money on either Hamilton or Winnipeg crossing over this year.

An East Division team has never crossed over. I think this year it might happen, except that the Bombers next three games (Montreal, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan) is downright brutal. It's likely that they lose all three of those. At 2-8, it would be tough to put together enough wins to be above both Edmonton and BC.

You forget Edmonton has Cal, Sask, Cal, Cal, Mon.


Edmonton likely will be 1-9 by the time their Calgary/Saskatchewan run is over here …

B.C. has been pathetic lately,

I can see both the Stamps and Riders being 6 wins ahead of both of them… no way that either team will compete for 2nd place this season.

if Winnipeg can get their act together ya I can see it.

Oh man, that is deadly. And I just looked and BC's is Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary. Maybe Winnipeg does have a shot.

it will probably come down to head to head games between them.

I can see that. Man, whatever team does take the final spot will have one hell of an awful record. :lol:

And will get absolutely smoked by either the Riders or Stamps.

I can honestly see Edmonton beating Calgary at least once during that stretch. It will be hard for Calgary to take all three of those games. Judging by the second half of last weeks game, and this weeks game I think Montreals wheels may be falling off.

No, has never happened. The games between WPG,EDM, and BC will determine WPG's crossover chances. Wpg has MTL,SK ,SK coming up and it will be tough to win one of those games !

I agree, but one win puts the Esks at 2-9.

CFL home page just posted by Moffat: The break coaches love to hate. Going into Week 8 has anyone noticed: "Winnipeg fans may finally get their wish this year...a berth in the Western Division playoffs." :thup:

todays wpg team is nowhere near to crossing over.

This man has said all that needs to be said in the thread.

I think this year only 5 teams should make the playoffs. :lol: