Cross Over ???

Hey, it's a good thing that the BC-Esks game is ahead of the Ti-Cats-Peg game. Imagine if the Bombers lose, the cross-over is then up for grabs and no offence to the Ti-Cats fans I think IMHO that either the Stamps or the Riders pose a greater challenge. The Lions and/or Esks could then be tempted to throw the game and play in the east... (I can already sense the general outrage... :wink: ) But that's not going to happen, so next weekend will be one wicked football celebration !!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

The other possibility(probability?) is that except in the unlikely event of a B.C. - Edmonton tie, will Hamilton be tempted to throw the game because the would rather face Winnipeg than either B.C. or Edmonton.

Yeah, almost forgot the tie, rare but possible. I was kidding around though, I can't seriously imagine a coach asking his players to do such a thing, It would be like telling them they're not good enough to beat the other guys, let's settle for the weaker ones...

considering that the Esks BC game is BEFORE the Hamilton Winnipeg Game.. throwing the game would be SO DAMN stupid!!!!

where's your head?

Where's your head? Up your ass would be my guess. Read his post again. :wink:


why would a team throw a game, before the other team they rely on to lose, may win?

you'd throw the game AFTER if you already knew the result. not before it.

the way I ready it sure sounded like what I thought...

Maybe that will clear things up.

ya but still the idea of tossing a game? especially when you don't have a guaranteed playoff game..

In the past teams have taken their foot off the gas for various reasons and they lost all momentum going in to the playoffs.
01 Bombers , 08 ALS and various teams have been upset in Divisional playoffs through the years.

yea but you don't know if you're in the playoffs or not!

that's the whole point of it.

Had the bombers lost to the Ti-Cats before the BC-Esks game... That would have been a guaranteed cross over for the loser of the BC-Esks game... right ? Do you get it ? This was a "what if" thread aimed at having a light and fun conversation.

Apparently it was a little too complicated for our self-proclaimed football guru...

Crossing over to the east is not necessarily an easier path. First of all theres the time difference to deal with particulalry for BC but the playoffs are 3 rounds and in the east 1 of those rounds is in montreal where no visitng team has won this year. The stamps and riders have both lost more than one game at home this year and while they are the two best teams in the west the west is so tight that anyone can beat anyone in the west and were I a coach of edmonton or bc Id be playing my hardest to avoid the cross over and take my chances with the crapshoot that is the west division instead of trying to win in montreal

Im sorry buddy, you say this type of stuff, especially with that snootyness, nevermind the fact that the subject has seemed to have flown completely over your head, but yet you still carry on. This is exactly why no one will respect your opinions. I've actually noticed a few "random" times you have been right, but no one gives you any credit for those times because 80% of the time you turn around and throw garbage like this at some fellow poster. You want your posts repected and acknowledged maturely? Then you should do the same.

come on!!

can't you see it?

he's talking like the Winnipeg Hamilton game is being played before the Esks/Lions game.

i'm carrying on because of how silly the idea is.

no team's HC in their right minds would EVER throw a game...

but this isn't the case.. cause the Bombers/Ti-Cats game is after BC/Edm.

ok read this to yourself... slooowwwllyyy..

you are basically saying.. the Lions or Esks could throw their game.. as if to say the Bombers had ALREADY lost to Hamilton...

yet the Esks won't know if Winnipeg wins or loses till AFTER their game..

He realizes that. Everyone realizes that. He is just talking about a hypothetical. It's one of those if this were to happen would they have done this. Everyone realizes that that is not how it is, yet you seem to keep trying to point that out, even though DocJ points it out in his first sentence.


Then his very next word is "Imagine"

If you can't realize its a hypothetical (theoretical, speculative) situation you deserve all the ridicule you get.

Now I know there were some bigger words in what I just said but just read it "slooowwwllyyy"

cough.. cough.. poor english!... Cough... :thdn: