Cross Over ?

Looks like there will be a cross over again this year. 4th in the west will probably be 9 - 9. I don't see TOR or WPG going 7-2 and 6-3 down the stretch . Even 8 - 10 may just be enough to avoid the cross over. WPG has 3 games left with MTL really puts them in a bad spot. TOR actually looks worse than WPG, which is no easy task.
The cross over is good for the league and ensures you have the 6 best football teams in the playoffs. Not a great reward for Hamilton, having to play a tough team from the west instead of a weaker opponent in WPG or TOR. You can't have teams who are 5 - 13 teams making the playoffs. Some people get hung up on the EAST WEST thing, but having a 5 - 13 team make the playoffs over a 9 - 9 team is crimminal and embarrassing.

I think after the mess friday night, nothing would please me more than seeing the Lions have to travel across the country twice in two weeks to play the two best teams in the CFL (Currently). Bye Bye Lions :slight_smile:

What if it's Ricky Ray and the Eskimos or the Stamps ? That would be Bye Bye Ti cats and make the Als very nervous .

I can't think of a tougher road to the GC than playin in Ivor Wynn than traveling across the country on a short week to play at Molson stadium. In Edmonton and Calgary's case that would be 3 consecutive weeks on the road... good luck with that.

Unfortunately for Winnipeg and Toronto BC's crossover hopes are greatly enhanced due to the disastrous end to the game on Friday. (not to mention the blown call in the Rider game against BC which was very likely the turning point of that game>)

If I where Betting Man I’d Say BC will in Hamilton for East Semi Finall Come playoff Time

THAT would be a fun game... :rockin:

I honestly don’t see B.C. winning another game the rest of the way, so Winnipeg only really needs to go 1-8 rest of the way, and since they play B.C. again, it should be a cinch…

And quite frankly none of the Western teams looked that impressive, Hamilton will have nothing to worry about come playoff time no matter who they face.

BC not winning another game? Geez we play Toronto and Winnipeg, should be two wins there!

BC Will cross over and upset Hamilton. Hard to win three in a row! Teams that have missed the playoffs for many years usually lose their first time back as they are happy to be there. Murray Clarkes crew will be assigned the Eastern Final. Montreal will be so worried about Clarke's crew the Lions will sneak out a victory.


Has a different kind of ring to it! :wink: :wink: :wink:

First of all, the Cats and Eskies are evenly matched. Maybe you didn't see the two games they've played against each other. Each one came down to the final minute and a defensive stand. We don't know how the Stamps match up against the Cats yet. But any team coming to Ivor Wynne in November better have their game face on.

Bombers 37 Lions 10 - need I say more.

I concur


Boy oh boy hamilton wins a few games after being horrible the last few years and all of a sudden they are the cream of the crop. lol :lol: :lol:

Open your eyes. That's not what I said. Are they a competitive team? Damn right they are. This isn't the last few years. This is this season. I got news for you, if we were in the West we'd be sitting in a tie for first place.

Maybe you are an Esks fan (judging from your name), but those are the facts: beat your boys by a touchdown and lost to them once by a single point. I'm just stating the facts. We haven't played the Stamps yet so I don't know how these two teams match up. We will see though.

This team hasn't been pushed around this year and is very tough at home going 4-1 at Ivor Wynne. So yeah, come November nobody is walking in for an easy play off victory which is what the comment I quoted earlier suggested.

Steady's mid-season. You're presuming your boys host a playoff game. The BB aren't too far behind, mon ami. The way they lit up BC was far more impressive than any game I've seen the TC's play this season.

touchy arent we. what is said was in fun or did you not see the smiley faces. And no Im not an esk fan either. The thing is your team beats a team 2 times this year that you havent beaten in a long time and you act like your going to win the cup. Whats your team going to do when it has some real challenges. granted you will probably host a playoff spot with the way the Argos and bombers are playing. And believe me Iam glad the tabbies are playing better its good for the league. but relax

Who cares, Bombers or Crossover teams will get eaten alive.

Ahhhhhh, caught us on an "off day"! 8) 8) 8)