cross over this season?

do you think there is a possibility of a cross over this season?

OMG tsn's shultz is ACTUALLY giving ottawa the credit they deserve. he's picking them to beat sask. in week 8!!!!


Ottawa Is Really Hot And They're Finally Proving Themselves As A Major Playoff Contender, If Montreal Keeps Destructing Like They're Doing Ottawa May Actually Have It's First Home Playoff Game Sinc Coming Back Into The League.

ottawa will have a 4 point lead over montreal at the end of week 8!!!! crossover, Ottawa is pretty good and i dont think Sask or Calgary are good enough to beat Montreal or Ottawa or Toronto

has anyone seen shultz picks for week 8?

he thought hamilton was good enough to beat ottawa in week 7 ( which was wrong ) , but not good enough to beat winnipeg in week what hes sayin is, he doesnt think ottawa is better than winnipeg???

i dont know whats wrong with this guy?!( other than his PICKS )

PS, all the world ( us ) needs is for BC to beat calgary in week 8, and we'll take another 1 game lead on him.

Ok call me stupid (I've been caled worse) But I finally wrapped my brain around the "Rouge". So now I need someone to explain the "crossover" to me if you would be so kind :roll:

i think people should join my fantasy league!

The crossover is when the 4th place team in 1 division has a better record than the 3rd place team on the other.

The 4th place team will crossover to make the playoff in the other division while the 3rd place team is out of the playoffs.

I personally don like it.

cross over...ok
well say at the end of the year in the east, toronto finished first, then montreal then ottawa then hamilton.

in the west it was BC in first, then edmonton, then calgary, then sask. then winnipeg.....

well the top 3 teams in each division make the playoffs ( the top teams in each division get a by, so dont have to play round one ).

BUT...if the third place team in the east ( in this example its ottawa ) didnt finish as good as the 4th place team in the west ( in this example its sask. ) then, ottawa would miss the playoffs and sask. would 'cross over' to the east and play montreal in the first round of eastern playoffs.

clear that up?

If Ottawa and Sask had identical records, there would be no crossover.

right...cuz that wouldnt make sence.

Yes...clears it up and thanks to all who explained :slight_smile:

No there isn't going to be a cross over becase:

  1. Ottawa is on fire, and is going to make the playoffs in the East
  2. Saskatchewan and Calgary is doing better then Hamilton, so Hamilton can't take there place in the playoffs, thur a CO in the West for the frist time wouls be neat. 8)
  3. Calgary isn't doing as well as Ottawa is.

i think if there was going to be a cross over it would be either calgary but most likely saskatchewan would beet out monteal. but it probly won't happen.

I think there is still a good chance that either Cal, Sask or even Wpg will crossover to the East. With Hamilton looking dead in the water, if any of the three remaining Eastern teams stumble down the stretch it could happen.

Don't know if Saskatchewan can win enough games to cross over the way Ottawa has played. Montreal will recover from their stumble.

I sure hope there isn't a crossover. I don't think it'll happen.

As pumped as I am about how the Gades are playing, you can't count out MTL to take 2nd place in the East. So, assuming they make a second-half run, the Gades are likely going to finish 3rd.

The good news is that we already have a win against both CAL and SSK, which (I believe) means that we would in the playoffs, even if it comes down to a tie with whomever finishes 4th in the West.

EXAMPLE: If OTT (3rd place East) and SSK (4th place West) both finish at, say, 10-8 AND split the season series (which I don't think will happen, as we should beat SSK tomorrow night, but just for the sake of this example :slight_smile:), OTT would get the playoff position.

Actually, I think OTT would still get it even if they lost both games to SSK, but had identical records at the end of the year. I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. The non-crossover team has priority.

Can someone confirm? (Assuming you understand this drawn out example, that is...)

Go Gades!

If they split the season series, doesn't it come down to points for and against? Or am I way off base here. . . ?

No ties...The team crossing over MUST have more points than the third place team.