Cross Over Rule - Just for The Record Rod Black

Madden is the exception to the idiot rule. As was Howard Cosell. Pure entertainment outweighed the moron factor.

Always been my opinion that Rowdy Rod has incriminating photos of someone high up at TSN.

Yeah. I didn't personally like him (Madden) but he was at least knowledgeable and from time to time would point out things you didn't know or didn't notice. I think where network began to fail is that they were so preoccupied with the entertainment aspect that they ignore the knowledge aspect when trying to "duplicate" madden.

A guy I find walks the line well is Jon Gruden, though I'm sure he's not to everyone's liking. He gets animated, and it seems genuine, but he also clearly knows his stuff and isn't afraid of being critical.

Haven't watched the NFL in over 20 years so I'm not familiar with Gruden as a broadcaster. Madden, for all his exuberence and excitement, was incredibly knowledgable about the game. It is quite obvious they don't care about knowledge when Black and Forde get more air time than most other broadcasters.

He is not always wrong. I will say he is very consistent when doing Redblacks games. When he reminds everyone the history of the Rough Riders and Renegades.

Just in case there is 1 person watching that does not know. :roll:

Now if he would just remind everyone that the NEW Alouettes came from Baltimore that would be awesome. :lol:

If I want a history lesson I'll pick up a book, I want a colour commentator that understands what is going on on the field and Forde is clearly not that guy.

I would like someone to tell the Montreal Alouettes that they came from Baltimore not the other team named the Alouettes. How moronic is it that they fly Grey Cup banners for every Cup won by the previous Als franchise (which don't belong to them in any manner) yet they don't fly the Stallions 1995 Grey Cup banner which is theirs. :roll:

DCMoses, :thup:

I have said that many times about the Als. A replacement franchise should not be claiming the victories of a franchise that has folded. Fly your own earned banners .

Using the old name is fine, that does not mean entitlement to another teams past glory.

Gold star for you sir.

It's the fact they completely ignore the 1995 Grey Cup. Seen it the other way before; Ottawa Senators have Stanley Cup banners from Ottawa teams not even called Senators, but can't recall a team in any sport not flying a championship banner they did win. :?

That's a good question re: Banners. Though looking at other sports, the OKC Thunder don't hang Seattle Supersonic banners. The Washington National's don't display the Expos 1981 divisional banner though it's still recognized. These lines can be quite blurred.

Does that mean the Tiger-Cats should not get credit for Cups won by the Wildcats and the Tigers?

No. Should not be counted as part of the Tiger-Cats total, however, there is a connection between the teams (they merged to form the Tiger-Cats) so flying the banners (under the name and logo of the winning team) makes sense. If teams are going to hang banners based on the team nickname they why can't Saskatchewan hang the 1976 Grey Cup banner? If the deciding factor is the city then why can't the Redblacks hang the 1976 Grey Cup banner? If the deciding factor is both city and nickname then why don't the New York Giants hang their Super Bowl banners beside the New York Giants World Series banners?

Wildcats and Tigers merged to form a new team and new history.

That is different. They merged to become one.

I will just let this go.

Ham @ BCL Suitor just mentioned all the Als need is to be better by 1 point. Not more wins.

I guess he just did not want to make Rod feel bad.

Or just prove he's smarter than Rowdy Rod.