Cross over again?

Of all the recent seasons this is the worst season to pick (at least so far) to go on a cross over rant. Riders are a massive 2 points ahead of the Riders…oops, I mean the RBs… a mean 1/3 into the season.

Of course a cross over is inevitable. ::slight_smile:

An excellent and fair analysis on SSK.

Also agree with your take on no padded practice. I wish I knew where to look to research this, but I’d be very curious to know the number of games lost to injury in 2017 vs 2018, and 2018 and this year. Maybe it’s just because the injuries involve big names, but it just feels like there are more injuries since the padded practices were discontinued.

And as a football purist, I absolutely despise the no-pad practices. More of the wussification of the sport.

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Ohh Yeahh

The Rock is cooking crossover

Good bye Ottawa.

As strong as the West has been for years, maybe they move Winnipeg back to the East?

I dunno. That was the tough part of their schedule. Then they had the 2 free spaces on the card in Hamilton and Montreal, with the third straight in Ottawa coming up. Then the annual Labour day gimee, so at 7-3 I think they will be able to pull out at least .500. But I think these posts belong in another topic thread as I don’t see how hosting a west playoff game has anything to do with the crossover race. :slight_smile:

Yes its looking more and more like another crossover year. The third place team in the east won’t win any more than 7 games.