Cross over again?

Once again the probability of crossover rears its ugly head. Thought we might escape it this season.

Oh Ottawa, say it aint so

You think Ottawa is going to crossover? 8)

Of course there will be a cross over again.
And of course it will be a western team crossing over to the east (the OP forgot to include that standard situation).
I don’t know why anyone would think otherwise.

But we like to keep the facade of divisions - you know, for historical reasons.
And to punish the better team from the west.

Actually, I don’t think Saskatchewan’s .500 record will hold out.

They can’t play Toronto and B.C. every week.

They can go 8-10 and still have a better record than the first place east team

Yeah sure.

Evans will do ok in Hamilton, this is a talented and well-run team, a lot like Calgary.

Montreal is a better team than Saskatchewan right now.

Ottawa is at least as good, beat them already too. They had a good start, they will adjust.

Ottawa won in Ottawa just barely. Hamilton won in Hamilton just barely after a cheap shot on the Rider starting QB. The Riders will be just fine at the end of the season.

Exactly How is the crossover punishing the west team?? ???

A win is a win.

Don’t move the goal posts this is was your post.

T[b]hey can go 8-10 and still have a better record than the first place east team[/b]
Riders haven't beaten anybody yet. A win against a 0-6 team and two wins against a 1-6 BC team.

But lost to Ottawa, Calgary and Hamilton.

In your words “a win is a win”.

Yes, but the Riders have beaten nobodys. They won’t cross over to the East.

It’s too early to really get a stock of the Riders so far. They’ve only beaten bad teams, but they’ve lost very close games on the road to Hamilton and Ottawa as well. The only game they truly looked bad was against Calgary at home. I don’t know how much stock to put into the upcoming Thursday game either, as Masoli is hurt. They did already lose to Arbuckle though.

You are right. They’ll be fighting for second in the west. Edmonton will be the likely crossover.

Saskatchewan’s schedule gets tough starting labour day weekend. They have 9/12 games left against teams with winning records, 3 of which against Winnipeg. They have by far the toughest schedule of any team going forward IMO. To claim they will finish with a better record than any team in the East is kind of funny, especially when they are 3 games back already.

I’m used to the western team crossing over to the east and being the visitor to a team with an inferior record. In a no divisions situation, the weaker-record eastern team would visit the stronger-record western team.

Feel free to fact check me on this though - I haven’t researched it as a fact. :-X

Barring a complete collapse of the to-cats it’s a given that the riders would not finish better than all east teams.

The Riders could easily have been 5-1 … and it took a few games for them to adjust to a Cody run offence.

They have adjusted well but the games over the next month will be a test of where they fit - upper third or middle third of the league.

I’d suspect the riders will challenge for third in the west - cross over spot.

Im not sure I’d be planning the parade route for the als just yet lol

If they continue to improve they could lock down second place in the east with Ottawa fighting with 2 western teams for the last east play off spot. I’m betting BC can’t be as bad as their record and will have a much better second half of the season

I expect them to be at least 8-10 and will make the playoffs and wouldn’t be surprised to see them being 11-7, 12-6 fighting for #2 with Calgary or Winnipeg. They are a better team than Edmonton and I fully expect that Winnipeg will face a bit of a slump somewhere along the way.

Here’s why I say this. Edmonton plays both Calgary and Winnipeg x3. Winnipeg plays Calgary and Sask x3. Sask has ready won the season series with BC and gets them 1 more time. Of Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, Edmonton is the weak team of the three. They might pick up 1 win against the other 2 teams in the series, but likely lose 4 of the 6 games. This would put them at 7 loses. Chances are they lose at least 1 against Sask (if not both) putting them at 8 loses. They still have Hamilton and Ottawa x2 and chances are they lose at least 1 of the 2 against both these teams putting them at 8-10, possibly as low as 7-11.

The Riders have Toronto x1, Montreal x2, BC x1, Hamilton x1 (at home), Ottawa x1 (at home), Winnipeg x3 (2 at home), Calgary x1 (Away), and Edmonton x2. I think they’ll win at least 7 games putting them at 10-8. The big games will be the series with Winnipeg, which I expect they win at least 1. Winning 2 will give them the home playoff game.

Yeah…this was the first time the rider d looked coherent this entire season…they have a lot to prove still. Seem to be inching in the right direction, but definitely not there yet.

Getting some healthy bodies on the OL will also help. People overlook that 3 and for half a game 4 starters were out…having them start to come back is big.

DL has not preformed like it should for the talent there…the second BC game was a big improvement though…after canning the DL coach…we shall see.

Secondary has serious issues being on the same page, but improving

ST coverage has been very bad. Expected woes with essentially all their ST demons gone…but yikes

Tackling has been awful…2nd BC was the first time it approached respectable

I hate that there is no padded practice. So hard to improve tackling without it and makes teams look sloppy league wide. Looks like amateur hour so often. It also kills a team like BC who are having huge OL issues. Great…guys are taking fewer bumps…and now one of the best players in the league is getting throttled because they can’t work on it or new OL properly.

The none padded practices certainly dont prepare players for game action.
It almost makes the first 6 games like pre season.
Now that is over. The middle 6 weeks will sort things out alot more IMO