More to the story, but about the all-important hair:

[i]Another change is that the long hair will soon be gone. He has already promised it to the Locks For Love campaign, which supplies wigs to kids with cancer.

But hair has become his signature feature, so he has vowed to grow it back.

"I’m not going to go completely bald, it’s just not my look, I guess you can say," he said. "I want to have a decent length of hair. My thought process is that I want to grow it as long as I can so when I cut it, I have a little hanging out of the helmet. That would be ideal because I feel that’s what’s most recognizable about me now, my hair."[/i]

Hurrrculeez !

NEW RDS Story (with the usually weird Google Translate)

[i]Jonathan Crompton is eager to learn from Anthony Calvillo
Éric Leblanc

THURSDAY, JAN 22. 2015 8:30

MONTREAL - Eliminated on 23 November, with his teammates for the Montreal Alouettes, Jonathan Crompton is a fairly long offseason and he prances impatience at the idea of ??bombing Anthony Calvillo questions to continue his progression.

Although the precise role of Calvillo has not yet been announced in the organizational coaches, the Alouettes quarterback is pleased to hire. In fact, he does not hesitate to say, laughing, that he may eventually find disturbing.

"I'm going to drink myself of his knowledge and watch a variety of videos with him. I told him he was going to get fed me so much that I was going to ask him to learn from him, "he told Crompton passage RDS. Anthony Calvillo

For now, Crompton has discussed with the legendary quarter a few times on the phone, but he already knows what he dreams to extract from its association with the old number 13.

"I especially want to develop this consistency that was his great strength. We all know that we can know bad games, but I would remove my less positive performance so that they become better. This is the level I want to achieve, "Crompton wished that stopped in Montreal for a few days.

After one year away from football, Calvillo (photo) will begin the coaching chapter in his career and may entrust the management of quarters. So it's Turk Schonert who will spearhead the attack. Named offensive coordinator Tuesday, the former receivers coach may increase its influence on the offensive face of the Alouettes.

"I do not know yet what kind of system they advocate, but I know he is creative and consistent in its approach. It has very extensive knowledge offensive and we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue working with him, "Crompton described on this energetic and enthusiastic strategist who was, in 2014, a more important role than his official title.

Since he inherited the role of starting quarterback Alouettes, Crompton has built an enviable reputation for winning with a 9-3 record. Surrounded by excellent receivers, a quarter of 27 years has found ways to win. By cons, he should have to give up the dangerous Duron Carter - who should sign an NFL contract - and perhaps even to SJ Green whose return has not announced.

Crompton's not naive type, it includes the economic reality of the sport. If it ever happened the fearsome Green, he will have to turn more often to Fred Stamps, the new acquisition Montreal he experienced during his stay with the Edmonton Eskimos.

"I think it is still some good seasons. I can assure you that he will work hard, "said Crompton about the 33-year-old.

"He wants to win and so it will come with a bitter taste in the mouth," Crompton specified by referring to his desire to prove to the Eskimos that they were wrong to dispose of it.

Recognized as a leader, Stamps therefore bring in familiar territory in Montreal. In addition to knowing some players like Crompton, his former coach Kavis Reed, inherited the mandate to raise the level of special units of the Birds.

At first glance, some fans might believe that this addition does not change anything in Crompton of life, but rather the opposite.

"We can not wait to see how it can help us and I know our offense will benefit with better field position," has he rejoiced. "I called to welcome him on the good side of the force and he did a great job when he was in charge of special units in the past. »

Nothing to do skeptics

Humble and nature enthusiast, Crompton does not yet have the most impressive directory on a football field. However, his abilities allow him to avoid the most costly mistakes and he has the intelligence to manage the expectations of professional sports.

Despite its highly positive impact on the performance of the Alouettes, many skeptics persist in relation to its potential to regain the Grey Cup. Jonathan Crompton

"I do not care about these people, I focus on the people who surround me. I am comfortable with this reality of professional sports. There will always be people who criticize us and, anyway, I'm the biggest critic of myself. I just want to meet the demands of my organization, "said Crompton.

With more year of experience under his belt, a quarter with long hair and the relaxed pace will be in context to raise his game a notch. Crompton therefore linger refine many aspects of his game with his leadership, his mechanics and analysis videos.

"I am my biggest critic and we need that to grow mainly as quarterback because are the smallest details that make the difference in our position," he recalled.

Question not abuse his body, Crompton will wait until February to start throwing balls at a frequency of three times a week. Some teammates will no doubt join him to improve chemistry until desired result.

"It's long, I'm already tired of waiting. I think of the 2015 season since the day after our disposal. Many of us be hungry to raise the Grey Cup after our disappointing conclusion, "said the fellow six-foot-four and 225 pounds.[/i]

He's talking the talk. Now he'd better walk the walk. If he still throws swing passes like he did last year, if he continues to stare down his receivers in double coverage without checking to other options, if he can't even vary his effing snap cadence enough to keep D-linemen from teeing off, he won't last long. If I were Popp, I would try to find at least one more good QB prospect to bring to camp. While I hope I'm wrong, I don't think Crompton has a long-term future in this league as a starter.

Coming into training camp and the season with the same QB and basically the same offense with Shonert will help Crompton and Montreal. I like the Coordinators already talking about working together to game plan with field position being important. Last season Shonert and Garcia picked their guy in Crompton as a mature pro entering his 5th pro season. Ball security seemed to be the theme. Throw the ball away rather than force something to lead to turnovers. Punting the ball to give the defense a chance without their backs against the wall.

Speaking of punting the ball, Hugh Fraser has been released by Edmonton. His stats are not better than Whytes' but he is/was reputed to have a strong leg. Could be an interesting TC invite to offer some competition for the new STC to evaluate.

You meant Hugh ONeill, and Kavis Reed would know him from their time together in Edmonton. Hes not a great FG kicker, has a good punting average but not sure of his hang time. And bless the CFL, impossible to find 2014 kickoff stats. But his beard would tackle better than Whyte.

Hugh O'Neil, peut-être? Hugh Fraser, c'est pas un acteur, ça?

Let's get Hugh Jackman. He tackles like Wolverine ! :lol:

D'OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!