Crompton est-il le quart-arrière de l'avenir des Alouettes?

Devant la tournre de la discussion sur les entraîneurs, je crois qu'une rubrique spécifique sur ce sujet est nécessaire. Je vous invite à poursuivre cette discussion ici... :wink:

To me, he’s not.

And I want to be wrong. But I don’t see franchise QB when I look at him. I see a guy who does one thing well and many other things badly, a guy who had to be coddled and sandboxed just so we could end with the second-worst offense in the league. It’s easy to say that we won after he arrived, but I wonder how Troy Smith would have fared if he’d had Schonert and Garcia and a healthy Duron Carter to throw to, as Crompton did.



Pour ma part, je ne vois pas encore en lui ce qui ferait de lui un prochain partant. Mais ce qu'il a fait jusqu'à maintenant justifie qu'on lui laisse assez de corde pour faire décoller l'équipe ou pour se pendre.

Contrairement à ce qu'on a pu voir de Collaros, par exemple, Crompton n'est pas généralement à l'aise à faire toutes les passes. Il demeure souvent arrêté à sa première lecture alors qu'il a d'autres options plus intéressantes. Combien de fois ai-je entendu Vercheval dire après une passe incomplète "London était libre", "Deslauriers s'était démarqué" ou "Stafford était libre". J'ai même entendu "Johnson n'était pas couvert". Mais Crompton demeurait sur sa première lecture. Collaros avait, dès ses premiers départs avec les Argonauts, la confiance, la vision et les lectures pour faire fonctionner son attaque. Il a réussi à mener cette équipe à 4 victoires de suite à l'étranger. Et en plus, il avait la précision qu'il faut. C'est principalement à ces deux derniers chapitres que Crompton doit survivre : la vision et la précision. S'il ne parvient pas à sérieusement améliorer ces deux aspects de son jeu, il aura prouvé qu'il est un substitut de qualité, mais un substitut.

C'est aussi pourquoi je crois que Popp a utilisé la même formule à son propos que celle qu'il a utilsée parlant de Smith. Il a le poste mais c'est à lui de le garder. Je considère qu'il n'a pas encore fait ce qu'il fallait pour que Popp cesse de chercher.

À propos de Smith, on a laissé entendre que ses efforts n'étaient pas suffisants. Je crois que si Popp avait encore cru en lui, il l'aurait laissé travailler avec Schonert et Garcia. J'ai l'impression que Smith, outre ses problèmes manifestes de précision, n'avait pas un bon leadership et une éthique de travail douteuse.

He's nowhere near as fluid as Collaros or accurate when moving the pocket but he has a much bigger arm and is a much bigger/durable guy. We better have a hell of a running game :wink:

Dans la rubrique à propos du retour de Green, Richard et HfxTC ont discuté de l'embauche de Kevin Glenn, comme solution intermédiaire. Pour ma part, je ne serais pas si entiché de cette option.

Glenn est un bon passeur, un quart qui peut faire gagner son lot de victoires à une bonne équipe. Mais Glenn n'est pas un quart qui va amener son équipe à gagner la dernier partie du calendrier. Il avait par deux fois une équipe qu'il pouvait mener à gagner la Coupe Grey, et il a échoué les deux fois. Mitchell s'amène comme partant de pratiquement la même équipe, et ils gagent la Coupe Grey.

Il est bien possible que Crompton ne soit pas le quart d'avenir pour les Alouettes, mais je ne crois pas que d'amener Glenn comme solution intermédiaire serait la meilleure approche pour trouver ce quart d'avenir. Si Crompton n'arrive pas à hausser son niveau de jeu au rang de ceux de Mitchell, Reilly, Willy ou Collaros, l'équipe aurait peut-être avantage à donner sa chance à un autre jeune quart plutôt que d'embaucher Glenn et devroir tout repartir à zéro quelques saisons plus tard. Et avant d'embaucher Glenn, j'aimerais quand même voir où Marsh est rendu dans sa progression.

AC failed how many times to win the GC ? Glenn is a respected QB and if you give him protection, which you will in Montreal, he is a top 3 QB in this league. If Glenn wants to extend his career he should consider MOntreal, the question now is can we even afford him? The way the roster is being built this winter I don't think he's in the plans. Personally I would release or trade Marsh and sign Glenn. This coaching staff has zero plans to have Marsh start so why waste this guy's time. Glenn brings serious CFL experience to the table.

I agree with Hfx. We have no plans for Marsh, Crompton is in the driver's seat, so why not bring in Glenn and let Marsh go where he'll get a legit chance to play? If Crompton struggles, we can turn to a veteran pocket-passer and not have our season go down the tubes.

Je laisserais partir Brink bien avant Glenn.

Huh? Why is that an either or? :wink: I thought it was a given that Brink would walk. In a perfect world, I'd bring Crompton, Glenn, Johnson, and one other guy to camp, with Crompton and Glenn in the 1 & 2 spots. I don't want to see Alex Brink in the CFL again....

I'll assume you meant Marsh instead of Glenn.

Marsh was given a contract extension as a #2 QB last year. So this likely means another raise this year. He's being used as a short yardage guy. Als can use 250lb Jerrod Johnson to do that job for 75k less and Tanner can get another chance with a team that may actually want to use him. I really like Marsh but it makes no sense to keep him if the team has no plans to have him throw the football. Would much rather use QB2 money for a guy that can actually come on the field and put up 4000 yards year after year.

I can agree with you that Glenn is "respected" but also agree with LeStaf that while he is a QB who can win his share of games, maybe even one with whom a team could win a Grey Cup if the team around him is good enough, he is not a QB upon whom a team should rely to win the GC for them.

I would pass on Glenn and depend on the QBs that earn the chance in TC.

I can see positives and negatives to bringing in Glenn.

Positive; if Crompton goes down Glenn can do a reasonable job, his skill set matches up well given our strong offensive line.

Negative; if we believe that Crompton isnt' the future (as many here believe, and I'm one of them), well Glenn sure as heck isn't either, so do you really want him at #2 thus preventing some young kid with potential from getting quality practise time and game time? It would retard his development.

This team is built as a contender. If this was Winnipeg or Ottawa maybe. Experience wins games in the CFL. Glenn lives in Buffalo. Als should be his first option right now.

I do believe Crompton's play last season has earned him the right to contend for a QB position this coming season. we'll have to see if he has worked in the off season to upgrade skill with the short pass etc.I personally rate him well as the leader who sparked our offense late last season.I believe Brink does not rate being in the mix. Marsh did bring some excitement to the team in 2013 but, was sidelined by injury. Had the team perceived Marsh to have the development potential, it is likely he would have played some time at QB beyond his third and one role. The only other newcomer to date is Gerrard Johnson whom we have no idea of what he might show in TC. If Marsh remains with the team, he and 250 lb Johnson would minimally be fighting for the QB third and one role. I would see Marsh being traded to Ottawa who are looking for future QBs. I wonder if Popp has lined up an NCAA QB to add to the mix? Whatever, this means we now have a QB in Crompton , to whom some of us perceive as lacking in short passing skill etc. To this we have added Johnson but, have yet to see what his capability at QB is. and what role Marsh has in 2015 is questionable. If the team is hoping to up grade the QB position, it appears to me we should acquire additional QBS. Bringing Glen to the Als would add an experienced QB to our system. He is a capable pro with the ability to be a successful Als QB. This time last year I recall MadJack and I were thinking of Glen in this position. Whatever, this team is moving toward progress although we'll likely find the QB tryouts an interesting situation as the team progresses through training camp to the preseason games.

He was dead last in almost all categories just ahead of Durant who missed 13 games. His win/loss record is an anomaly + play of the defense.

Oy vey..totally nonsense.

Fact: He's a 200 yard passer with a 58 percent completion percentage and a 1:1 TD/Int ratio.

Yup...his % is 58%
The rest of your facts are bullshit and you know it.
But I accept he may not be the guy,

And he runs like Steven Seagal