Croc story a copycat of the Loose Tiger promotion?

I have to admit, the timing of the Alligator/Crocodile story is a little suspicious now that I think about it.

Quote from today's Spectator:

"It's not lost on many that the reports come on the heels of a Tiger-Cats guerrilla marketing campaign that had people believing there was a tiger on the loose in Gore Park."

Deerhunter is hunting crocs.
Zontar is hunting Deerhunter.
I live in Cambridge. We have far scarier things in the Grand river.

Now.... to keep this post on the main board....

"I sure like going to Ti-Cat games." :slight_smile:

I had immediatley thought of the Tiger-Cat promotion as soon as I read the Alligator story and my suspicions grew when someone mentioned to me that the shadow that this "beast" cast looked odd......and looked "photo shopped"...and did nobody have a cellphone video camera?

We've been sure using our sleuthing skills lately in Hamilton though and that's always fun :wink: :wink:

The tempest in a teacup that was the tiger promotion has come and gone . Why dredge it up again?

An alligator would never survive in that water, unless someone dumped it in the last day or so.

I wouldn't believe ........the whole story is a croc!!!