Criticizing some helmet logos

OK, my OCD is kicking in… but while watching Friday and Saturday CFL games, the logos on the Bombers n Argos helmets are just too big. Because of this, the logo is placed off- centered, more towards of the back of the helmet. You don’t see this on other teams helmets, I.e. the Eskimos, REDBLACKS, Tiger-cats, Stamps, etc. Does this annoy any you out there? Or it just me?

It doesn’t bother Johnny.

Well, I’ve learned that if I look at something, anything too long and with too much intensity, that thing or even person may start to annoy me. :wink:

This is one reason why staring into a mirror bothers me. ?

The only one that really bothers me is the REDBLACKS. It’s up way too high on the helmet, looks really dumb, should be lower so it’s on the side.

Yes and the question remains, does staring into the mirror too long bother me more about myself than looking at my wife in the eyes for the same amount of time at a very close distance?

These are matters only for muses of course. :wink:

Would love if they changed it to the R with double axes .

You’ll probably see that alt. logo on a third jersey sometime in the future (remember there is a new company taking over the promotional gear and making uniforms).

the worst logos has to be the Eskimos. They should make a permanent change to their alternate helmet logo.

I’ve thought that as well. Perhaps make it slightly smaller, so you can re-orient it on the helmet. Having said that, is it the actual size of a saw blade?

The Redblacks logos almost seem to touch each other as they are either too high or too big for the helmet.

As a lifelong, die hard, Eskimo fan I agree. The regular helmet is great, thanks Larry Highbaugh.

Eskimos old logo (pre-2000s or so) was just fine. The interlocked EE (with a different font than presently) inside a football shape looked good.

Winnipeg and Toronto could use a little creativity. Montreal’s winged helmet was by far the best logo they’ve ever had.

They had to make the RBs logo that big to fit around Burris' ego.?

Agreed. The Eskimo helmet was a beauty.

On a side note, was there anything that the late Larry Highbaugh couldn't do or wasn't great at?

That guy was one great player, that is for sure.

Wilkie , Jauch an Lemmerman - back to the older version EE for me .
Too blocky like the thinner E .

I seem to recall reading with the old, rounder “EE” was designed as snow-shoes. Maybe some long-time Esk fans could corroborate this. If that is the case, rather ingenious I’d say. But that’s what I see when I look at the former design.

Interesting. I'd always assumed them to represent footballs, but they do look much more like snowshoes.