Critical Question

Don’t tell me you actually went???

  1. Dennis Hull - Recently, he has been noted as a public speaker and comedian, and continues to operate a cattle farm raising Polled Hereford with his brother Gary in Northumberland County, Ontario. He has written a book entitled "The Third Best Hull" (ECW Press) which contains entertaining and often hilarious memoirs of his hockey career. Hull became good friends with Soviet goaltending legend Vladislav Tretiak, whom he had played against during the 1972 Summit Series, recalling "I told Tretiak that he's become famous for letting in [Henderson's] goal...I said to him that 'if you had stopped it, you'd probably be a cab driver in Moscow today.'

  2. Peter Dyakowski - According to Dave Stala:

Q: Who is the funniest Tiger-Cat player?

DS: I honestly think Peter Dyakowski is the funniest guy on our team. Just because he’s a big, little kid.

  1. Muhammad Ali - the most recognisable sports figure in history. Never a dull moment around the 'Louisville Lip'.

I’m thinking pay per view at an arena, but let’s let Pat spin his tale. :wink: :smiley: :mask:

I saw the fight on the big screen at the Hamilton Forum .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

I , too, loved watching that Knicks team , even though I was a Celtic fan . Dollar Bill and Clyde the Glide Frazier were class acts . Being a baseball fan , I also thought that Dave Debusschere of the Nicks was great . He also pitched for the White Sox . He reminded me of Gerry James of the Blue Bombers and the Maple Leafs . These guys were renaissance men of sport . Bud Grant and Dave Winfield also were dual pro sport athletes . Today the Bo Jacksons are rather rare .

Pat Lynch (the mayor of Oldtown)

You ruined the magic..:pleading_face: I had visions of you watching from the jungle wearing your pith helmet.

Debusschere’s fadeaway jump shot was a thing of beauty.

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Like the Celtics of the early/mid 70s (Cowan, JoJo, Hondo, etc.) those Knicks teams were a TEAM … back when a coach actually had the ability to develop a style of play and demand teamwork …

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That kinda worked for Nick Nurse and the Raptors last season. Seems to have done them well this season too, so far…

Still way too much one-on-one/isolation play for my taste … and what passes for defence in the NBA now is weak.

I understand that the Knicks had 100 or more set formations/plays they practised. Frazier would call a number as he surveyed the court running up and the team would go into prearranged patterns with the ability to improvise as needed.