Critical Question

Is it/was it 'Ozzy' or 'Ozzie'?

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I always thought it was Ozzie. The Google says: Ozzie as well.

Here's a case of him being referred to as "Ozzie" by the club itself on

I also found a speakers' agency which uses "Ozzie" in a short bio which, I'm sure, Paul would have approved:

Ozzie is a lazy koala villager from the Animal Crossing series.

Ozzy is a guy who can sing but not talk

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Now if we can refer people commenting in certain other threads to THIS one.
Mark, the king of obscure passive-aggressive responses :grin:

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If you don’t get anything else right, at least make sure you spell the name correctly. :wink: :+1: :mask: :tiger: :sparkler: :fireworks:

I believe the critical question was posited by Sinister Sam on Sesame Street . He simply said " I wanna know Y ".

Pat Lynch (a big Sesame Street fan)

When I worked at the Spec back in the dark ages of hot lead, reporters were always reminded that stories needed the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why? How come nobody cared about HOW?

I like ‘how’.

So do the denizens of Detroit .

Pat Lynch (did you ever pour the hot lead on the villagers at the castle?)

(did you ever pour the hot lead on the villagers at the castle?)

No, but I poured lots of hot soup for the boys on the street when I was relief cook for the old Harbour Rescue Mission down at James and Barton.

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And Howe!

*not to forget Hartford and Houston

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I recall as a teenager breaking my thumb while playing for the vaunted Westdale Warriors . I spent a few days at St. Joes and thought about who would be the ideal ward mates . I came up with Gordie Howe , Bill Russell and his 11 rings, and Bernie Faloney . Time would have flown by !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Grover Covington, Rufus Crawford, and Simoni Lawrence. The hilarity on it’s own would heal me completely…



Laughter is the best medicine. Boy do we need a lot of medicine these days. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :mask:

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Howe Henley and ali

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Two quiet guys and the greatest heavy weight of all time , that is a great bunch of room mates . :+1: Muhammad Ali - " Don’t count the days , make the days count ".

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Pat Lynch (

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Considered by many Ali at his best: [Ali v. Williams] ( …He moved like no other heavyweight I’ve seen … with very underrated punching power

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I still have the program from "The Rumble in the Jungle". Ali boom ba yay . Fortunately , George Foreman did survive . Ali is one of my heroes . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (never could float like a butterfly)

1. Joe Garagiola Sr., (Baseball catcher with multiple teams and very entertaining colour commentator). I would want to hear his stories from the diamond and the clubhouse. Also, he testified FOR the reserve clause in baseball in the Curt Flood case that was in place to tie players to teams so no free agency. He later said that he had made a terrible mistake. LOTS to talk about here.

2. Henley or Dyakowski - Which Ticat to take? Either would be able to connect between my first and last choices here.

3. Bill Bradley (NY Knicks small forward on title winning team '70) and U.S. Senator. He also attended Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship. He would raise the level of conversation just a bit. :grinning: I also loved the Knicks style in those years (possibly the smartest group - in both BB and regular IQ) of basketball players ever assembled. I gave up on them in the thug-run NBA of the 80's but I've returned to the sport and I'd love to hear his analysis of changes in the game, changes to US politics, etc.

Apparently Ali and Foreman became good friends, after they retired. I think their friendship was helped by their mutual admiration. Funny how you can be trying to beat the crap out of somebody and still admire them. Why can’t we (as Rodney King would say) all just get along. :+1: :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: :mask: