Critical Moment

I love the poll today on the Lions victory over the Esks.

"Which moment was most critical in the Lions win over Edmonton?"

The options are...

  1. Andrew Harris' touchdown
  2. Shawn Gore's 2-point conversion
  3. Ronnie Yell's Interception
  4. Other

Well I selected "Other" (the other options are silly), and since it really should be named the "Matt Nichols factor". The only quarterback in this league that would squander a 13 point lead all while having the best defense in the league. It's not even so much the loss that I'm pissed about. If the Lions beat us, i'd be fine with it, but no, Matt Nichols beat the Eskimos. Constant misses on the check downs, AWFUL PRE MEDITATED PASSES ( I REALLY STRESS THAT POINT), Who in all of their glory can seriously be playing in the CFL or NFL and NOT LOOK OFF DEFENDERS!?!?!? One name. Matt Nichols. (And about half of the NFL QB's, so clearly its a hard feat to accomplish).

Here's the difference, if the Lions came out roaring and tore our defense apart, that's another story, they kicked our butts, FINE so be it! But they didnt. They struggled mightily against a defense that was on the field after constant 2 and outs or short drives from Matt Nichols. This is the sole reason for my very rare anger for a loss. I know I know, you're probably thinking, "well hey there, the coaching decisions were off at some points" and I agree, but not to the point where I think they cost us the game. That hefty accusation can lay with Nichols and his constant ineptitude to shake his stupid ghosts from his head and actually play lights out football.

Oh Reilly, when will you be back... :frowning:

The problem in Edmonton is that Eskimo fans have been spoiled for too many years with hall-of-famers under centre. Most of the league's had to suffer through games with second- and even third-string QBs this year. And now it's your turn. Life isn't fair; it's true. (BTW: I also ticked "other.")

It's true, but I'm not necessarily asking for a hall of famer right now. Reilly for sure is one of the best QB's in the league, but on a team like ours, we don't even need someone with Reilly's talent (although thank god we have him though), our team would just need a Game Manager. And Nichols CANT even do THAT! That's what grinds my gears.

Incompetence is frustrating, for sure.

Other - the phantom PI call that led to the game winning TD.

To be honest, when I saw that, it looked like Young was early, but I was at a bar and couldnt rewind and watch it over, so i'll trust your judgement as most PI calls are jokes this year. The call that really pissed me off was on the same drive I think, when Jefferson hit Lulay as he was throwing and got a Roughing the Passer penalty (on the same play he was held and the lions got a holding penalty) Now THAT was bull crap.

What about Chris (moron) Jones, having less confidence in his kicker than a high school coach.. If Grant Shaw can't .make a 48 yard field goal with no wind then he does not belong in the CIS, never mind the CFL. His explanation that his chart told him it was better to go on 3rd and 4 has to be a lie.

What were the penalty yards in the game anyways? They don't have them on CfL.CA anymore

...I thought Nichols coverage on Harris was very terrible as well...bit on the pump fake and let him fly by...he deserves all the blame, no doubt...

You're not going to let this one go are you? You whined about it on the game thread and no one agreed so you're trying it here? Give it up. Besides, you said you were going to stop watching....please follow through on that promise, will ya?

...that would definitely qualify for 'other' and be very legit....

his chart told him not to try for the tying FG? his chart?

Going for it on 3rd and 4 was THE critical moment if you believe in such things it is the only choice. How it isn't even on the list is a joke.

Not on his chart? Bulls**t. Jones f'd it up royally.

Unless I was hearing things last night, his explaination was to say very sarcasticly like the reporter was an idiot or something, " You think we don't have charts for situations like that?"

...if you rely on charts for decisions like that then go back to playing D&D...

Doesn't look very phantom to me. Looks like a good call, as Young definitely made contact before the ball arrived.

speaking of phantom.. Where is the ball?

You can see it in the fourth frame just about to cross the 30 yard line. Contact was just prior to this frame.

Quite the eagle eye you got You can faintly see the ball in the 3rd frame when contact was made. The ball was over 5 yards away at this point... Id say in my infinite wisdom that this is PI.

Yup, PI all the way. And yes, you kick a 48 yard FG at that point in the game I'd say. But the chart knows best I guess. :wink: