Critical Mass may create a CFL game.

Ted Hellard one of the owners and president of the Stampeders will be on the Fan960 tomorrow. One of the issues to be discussed is a CFL game! His company has the resources to do this. Stay tuned!

Oh the game will feature one team to cheat!

Kidding but yes his company may create the game.

......I hope it has that special feature where you can trade players between teams but the team with the playoff hope can defer the actual transfer of the player until the seasons over........thats a great feature for winning championships........

Ya that comes with the cheating team mod! It only goes to one team., er, I mean excellent......

I don't know if I'd want to use that feature, unless I was really having trouble because it would demean all my hard work that went into beating the game.

still bitter eh

Ya roughy fan it would give a player an edge and when you win it all really how would you feel!

I be writing them a letter with my request for what I’d love to see in the game soon. Custom teams and players with a custom league, Action Point and Singles to inculde balls off post in opion menu, etc.

why? cuz I’m evil :mrgreen:'s cause you're Kanga.


bitter about what? I just want to curb cheating in video games, I think it doesn't give a good example to our younger generation.

Why would Roughy be bitter come on now! The game should be great.

why? it’s a great rule!

Knowing Ted Hellard it will be the rules you find in todays game. It will be interesting to listen to the show tomorrow afternoon. go to fan960 to listen it starts around 1pm mountain time

I'd love to hear these qoutes from a CFL game comentator in the future.

"the Bombers need this Action Point to win the Grey Cup"

"QB passes to WR AND HE GOT IT!!!!!! THE BOMBERS WIN THE GREY CUP!!!!! BY 1 POINT!!!!!!!!!"

LOL sounds about right.

The bomber team would need cheats for sure ha ha ha ha

Not to be a downer … But, Critical Mass does not currently have the technical capabilities of creating a ‘todays standards’ video game (and definately does not have the experience). They may have the cash to assemble a team to do so - but as it currently stands … Critical Mass makes above average websites and run-of-the-mill custom IT solutions. A far cry from creating a football video game with intelligent AI. (on any platform over any architecture).

I won’t be holding my breath…

Kanga - You’ll be happy to know that Critical Mass is also responsible for the Pampers website … Oh wait … you’re a Pull-Ups guy (which is a Huggies trademark if I am not mistaken)… Oopsie!


you never gonna let that go will you? :oops:

I might have to get the mods involded here. heeheehee

you should have seen my post in the Black Eyed Peas topic.

Dude, it wouldn't be a cheat, it be like the no 2 line off side pass in NHL 2004. turn it on, play with Action Point (7 point TD's and 1 point convertsions) and no kick converts, turn it off, play with kick converts/2 point conversions again.