Critical Football Grammar Question

Today we had the first of the celebrity Oskee wee wee chanters.

Grammar question. Canada has Governors General… the plural is not Governor Generals.


Are they replacement Pigskin Petes OR Replacement Pigskins Pete?

Because general in governor general is an adjective not a noun

Not a subordinate conjunctive? :smiley:

And Earl Grey is his hereditary title not his name.

Rhetorical? Whatever, I'll bite.

It is Pigskin Petes. Pigskin Pete is the character's full name. You wouldn't say "Johns Smith" to refer to two people named John Smith, so it wouldn't be Pigskins Pete.

(As for Governors General, it's because "Governor" is the noun, with General being the adjective.)

(Being a grammar, uh, stickler, I find the Internet to be a painful place.)

And I think Bob Young was the first celebrity Pigskin Pete a couple of weeks back. (Not just a grammar stickler. :wink: )

That game was so exciting, I split my infinitive and now my participle’s dangling.

This is an unfortunate picture.

Always thought it sounded a little informal. Either way his tea is lousy.

There a pill for that now.

While we’re under this title, would anyone like to discuss the ridiculous misuse of “II, III, IV, JR. and even SR.” with player’s surnames on CFL jerseys? It’s a good night for it, considering all the free time we have, with so little to complain about.

I presume you want to preserve the comma that is so often discarded. It is sad. ?

No punctuation on jerseys except for hyphens. It’s the way it has to be. Period. And no # or $ or @.


I always thought that was rather silly. The "II", "III", "IV", "JR.", and "SR." refer to the given name, not the surname. Therefore, they should not appear on the players' jersey.

And yes, it is rather nice to not have much to complain about.

curmudgeon has been spelt wrong way too many times on this site…

I aleays feel the II, III, Jr, Sr was inappropriate because there is only one on the field. If you’re playing with your Dad also on the team, then maybe the Jr, Sr thing would make sense?

At that rate you won't get any prepositions from the wife. ;D

You’ve got it, CFiO. It seems a lot of fans, and the league itself don’t.
Could it be that understanding proper use of generational suffixes is an Ottawa thing?

True enough. Which leaves me no alternative but to conjugate my verbs.

After Bobo suggested that I was imbibing at 6:00 in the morning, might I suggest - drink drank drunk. I like beer. Do you like beer? Which is the most supreme of beers ?

"Irregardless" of Coles' Notes Grammar Simplified, our Cats is back in town !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

  1. Have actually heard Pigskin Pete referred to as, Pigsfeet Pete :slight_smile: ::slight_smile: