Crisis? What crisis? The playoff race now

Cats are still tied with the Spies in second. They have Montreal back to back. Coupled with our last-game faceoff in Winnipeg, things are still very doable. Our game with the Riders is the wildcard.

Meaningful fall Ticat games -- who knew? :wink:

This team has to finish its own business and we will be at the dance. After today's effort against the Als -- I'm a hell of a lot more optimistic!

Oski Wee Wee,


Before that regular season last game in Winnipeg, the Spies play Montreal twice. We play the blue team in their house, then play the Riders at home. We've had some difficulty beating the blue team, but I don't think we should have difficulty beating them if we see the same kind of effort we saw tonight. And the blue team is out of it, and are looking ahead to to next year.

The Riders may not be defeated as easily. I didn't see all of yesterday's game, but it seems the loss of Dressler has not hurt them that much. We nearly came back to win against them last year, let's hope the last regular season game at IWS will be a Ticat win.

And if it comes down to that final game in Winnipeg, I would like to see Glenn and those other former Bombers we acquired come back and haunt them. But I'd rather see that game turn out being meaningless as a result of two Ticat wins and two Spy losses.

God love those BC Lions!!!!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Perfect result. We were an extreme longshot to beat Montreal anyways, but now we have T.O. who's offense is putrid and SSK whom I think we can beat but they can also beat us. Winnipeg has to do the nearly impossible and try to beat Montreal at least once before meeting us in the last game. I say we beat T.O. and SSK and Montreal sweeps Winnipeg. :cowboy:

Hats off to Gibson, Glenn, Bruce, and the rest of the Cats offense. You took my Als to the woodshed. No other way to describe it.

WE control our destiny... that is all TiCats fans coul ask for..... I said it before.. I'll say it again.. take care of your own backyard.....

I just cannot see the Bombers beating the Als once... let alone twice... We HAVE to show the blew team we ARE the better team this time, and not let them think they have a chance!!

How great is this that we are talking about the last three games being meaningful after the last number of years!

For all those who were burying the Cats after last Monday and even today, the pressure is on the Bombers. The Cats can and should beat the Argos and then the Bombers really have the pressure going into back to back with Montreal. A heartbreaker today yes but hardly a flatliner which is a ridiculous statement.

The worry I have is a db. The o-line played great. Glenn was great but the bottom line is its hard if not impossible to win giving up 41 points. I felt terrible for McDaniel. I thought incredible character by the whole team today!

Not to get ahead of ourselves and but I seriously think if we get into an East final in Montreal it is winnable. We could have won both of the games we played there this year.

Cannot wait till the final gun on Friday when we are in second place!

For all the highs and lows during the Ticat season, the Ticats and the Bombers are now basically at 0 wins and 0 losses heading into a three game race for second place in the East with the Eskimos holding the inside track for third place via a crossover. The Ticats' most pressing challenge right now is to immediately prepare to beat the Argos who have won two of three games so far this year. Let's get it done!

Agreed. Our best hope is to win two, while the Bombers lose two, and the game in WPG means nothing to us, other than perhaps having a say in who we play in the semi.

Of all that CAN HAPPEN NOW in the next three weeks, I'd say the LEAST LIKELY thing is WPG wrapping up second with two wins over MTL (combined with HAM losing their next two). The next LEAST likely thing, in my opinion, is HAM winning in WPG if it's the deciding game. While expecting HAM to beat SSK is certainly a stretch, it is a home game and I think it's our best hope (combined with a win in TOR on Friday and two WPG losses to MTL) to finish second.

I totally agree, Russ.

It is SO nice to be in it at this point in the season and the blue team being out of it also makes my heart sing :lol:

My only concern is that if AC doesn't play against the Bombers, that gives them a much better shot at winning those games.

I don't know, that McPherson looked pretty sharp yesterday. Not saying he's a Calvillo but just that he didn't miss a beat at all.

Little hard to miss a beat when you don't have a single bad or average receiver :lol:

Here’s the script as I see it:

Hamilton beats Toronto, but loses to the Riders. Winnipeg beats Montreal at home next week, but loses at Molson Stadium the following week.

All the marbles are then on the last game at CanadInns Stadium.

More exciting than a trip to the Casino !

I dono the casino is pretty exciting :lol:
But ya that will be an amazing game to end the year.

Id like to see us go 3-0 for our last 3 games. That would be a great statement, and would give us confidence for the playoffs. We cant take any team lightly but I think we can do this :thup:

When is the last time the Tiger-Cats strung 3 wins together? 2004?

Maybe so, but now would be a good time to do it.

The Bombers play Montreal twice which should be good for the Cats . My concern is Montreal will play half hearted and limit use of Calvillo for fear of injury.

Agreed. Montreal is looking to strike the uneasy balance of staying healthy with 1st place wrapped up while not getting rusty for the two most important games: the division championship and Grey Cup. This might mean that regular season wins are no longer a priority.

They definitely would not chop their intensity down just before the play-offs, it took them all season to get this much momentum. And even if they do limit the use of Calvillo, McPherson looked pretty damn good the other day. Winnipeg's still a longshot to win.