Cris Cyborg vs. Holly Holm

Later tonite in Vegas . . . .

Looking at this one - Cyborg is a freak of nature, a whuppass machine with amazing finish and a touch of cruelty to add to her amazing aura.

Cyborg's best fight was one of her first immo - and I remember watching her take on Gina "Conviction" Carano about 5 or 6 years ago. Carano was a celebrated fighter in the USA and many oddsmakers actually favoured her. But Cyborg was a freak that night, broke thru Carano's guard many times, and after 3 or 4 minutes of relatively equal play she finally broke Carano with only a couple seconds left in the first round. Ref called it as Gina was unable to protect herself properly.

Now tonite - Both Holly & Cyborg are about equal size (both just over 5'8" and they'll be fighting in the 140-145 lb. division (newly created)

Holm's big win against then undefeated Ronda Rousey has been diminished slightly be her less than stellar post-Rousey performances, especially getting herself choked out by a smaller woman who Rousey had submitted twice!

Rousey and Cyborg are both highly aggressive fighters - but Cyborg is more a striking machine who can also beat the bejeebers out of her opponent on the ground (Muay Thai). Rousey basically had one move, that was to manoeuvre her opponent to the ground and then torture her to submission with a wicked arm bar. Most of her opponents were cheesy to say the least. That's what history has shown us!

Holm is probably the best pure boxer in women's fighting - but she always complicates her plan with added complexity and a wary defense. She couldn't even finish off a plump and under-trained Rousey in the first round (5 min.). She need Rousey to run out of gas, chase Holm around and when Holm was able to set Rousey up early in the 2nd round and kick her head off.

Cyborg is bigger, stronger and has more burst and power than Rousey. That could trouble Holm - but Holm will no doubt fabricate a strong defensive game to stay away from Cyborg - if she can!

If she can't I see Cyborg either submitting her with a rear naked choke in the 2nd or 3rd round. If Holm can dance and avoid Cyborg for 3 or 4 rounds she may have a puncher's chance of kicking Cyborg's head off in the final round and scoring a stunning KO win.

Should be a gooder - but it hasn't been hyped much. Rousey's fall kinda diminished the womens game. Tonite - Cris Cyborg & Holly Holm will try and bring it back!

lucy lawless could beat them both in just a few seconds :slight_smile:

Watching round 2 live right now, Holm has inflicted a good amount of damage - Cyborg is looking less than stellar. Not the way I expected this to go so far (neither does Vegas, who has Cyborg as a pretty significant favourite).

In the end Cyborg slithered away with a deserved split decision - first time any fighter has taken her the distance.

Cris Cyborg Justice got the title - Hollywood Holly got a moral victory!

Should point out that Holm has now lost 4 of her last 6 fights.

As I pointed out in my prior analysis - Holm became so defensive at times that she defeated herself. When in any position to topple the Cyborg monster, Holly Holm retreated to the safety zone.

Only real money fight for both in next 12 months is Cyborg vs. Holm II